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Gear Downgrades/Un-transcended after Update 6.4 (Character Rollbacks?)

Content of the article: "Gear Downgrades/Un-transcended after Update 6.4 (Character Rollbacks?)"

Only really getting time to dig into the update now… running WBU to start advancing some potentials. Notice my team that has Medusa in it doesn't show her as transcended.

"That's weird," I think to myself. "Did they just get rid of the Transcended icon supplanting the Tier II icon this update?" So I go over into the roster to check.

When I click over to her, I see the "Transcend Potential button at the bottom of the info tab. Wait, what? *tap*

"Cannot Transcend — all gears for Medusa must be +25." Uhh, I definitely did that… saved up Mandalay Fragments for a looooong time, spent the TCPs and all that good stuff.

That's… that's not right. Did they accidentally roll stuff back during the update? Then I went to check the skill tab:

Wait, what? So the game remembers that I transcended, but her gears are messed up? What in the world happened?

After faffing around a bit, here's what I've found:

  • Stats seem to match what they were before transcending (less health, less damage, etc.)
  • The affected character does, however, have the ability to use the awakened skill in matches.
  • This didn't just happen to potential awakened/transcended characters — several of the characters I bought to 70 to make use of the free upgrades were "downgraded" in similar ways.
  • The gold, biometrics, CCF, Mandalay, and other materials used to make these upgrades are gone.

TL;DR – just a friendly note to check your roster for unpleasant surprises. Seems your potential awakened characters — especially those you transcended recently — might have been rolled back during this last patch.

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I've been able to confirm it's not just me, but I have no idea how widespread it might be — here's screenshots from another player in my alliance:

P.P.S. I've already submitted a support ticket. I'll be happy to update this post if I hear anything back, and I'd recommend you do the same if you are also affected. This post is mostly intended to help bring this issue to players' attention, as I missed it for several hours of game time (embarrassingly enough.)


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