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I looked up the number of comic appearances of 466 Marvel characters who are not (yet) in MFF

Content of the article: "I looked up the number of comic appearances of 466 Marvel characters who are not (yet) in MFF"

The full list is here. The top 50 are below.

General notes:

  • Mods, I set the flair for this to Discussion, but if you think it should be a shitpost, feel free to change it.

  • I looked these up on

  • Who is and isn't included is entirely arbitrary, I just checked whoever I could think of. I didn't include "regular people" like Mary Jane or Aunt May, but you never know, we could end up getting Spider-Maam one day.

  • I went with the Earth-616 version of each character (except those who are not from 616). I know that isn't the total number of times each character has appeared, but i had to draw the line somewhere.

  • The groups that seem to be most under-represented in game (based on number of comic appearances) are actually the New Mutants and X-Factor.

  • I included some characters like the Living Tribunal, Uatu, and Eternity, but we would obviously never get these guys as playable characters. I also included ones like Galactus and Surtur who are in the game, but not playable.

  • Let me know if I missed anyone.

Specific character notes:

  • I made the judgement call that the Nick Fury we have in the game is Nick Fury Jr. and not Sr./The Unseen.

  • * Conan the Barbarian hasn't always been part of the Marvel universe.

  • ** The vast majority of Rick Jones' appearances have been as himself or as part of Captain Marvel, not as A-Bomb.

Character Appearances
Nicholas Fury Sr./The Unseen 1184
Hercules 790
Cannonball 765
Conan the Barbarian* 760
Wonder Man 746
Spider Woman 657
Havok 617
Rick Jones/A-bomb** 612
Franklin Richards 599
Human Torch (Hammond) 585
Sunspot 559
Captain Britain (Brian) 543
Polaris 496
Black Knight 494
Maria Hill 489
Wolfsbane 486
Galactus 473
Monica Rambeau 454
Moonstar 444
Balder 432
Uatu 419
Mephisto 405
Toro 400
US Agent 395
Banshee 381
Moonstone 379
Tigra 368
Boom-Boom 367
Northstar 358
Sasquatch 352
Firestar 349
Ghost Rider (Ketch) 341
Forge 340
Puck 339
Moondragon 339
Lockjaw 332
Scorpion 332
Doc Samson 324
Rockslide 321
Speedball 319
Quasar (Vaughn) 317
Justice 311
Warlock 311
Madrox 291
Namorita 291
Monet 291
Strong Guy 289
Siryn 288
Beetle (Jenkins) 287
Man-Thing 281
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