Marvel Future Fight

I tried to solo Stage 1 Knull with every T3/TP in my roster. Results below


The character in question has to do all the damage. If I switch to avoid dying then I have to just kite until I can switch back (or die to let the main character back in straight away).

I did it on training mode, and gave each character the best team I could with my roster, so every team had Mystique support as I don't have Valkyrie transcended yet, and I don't have Storm or Cyclops T3.

I used all 12% damage strikers, except if I knew or was proved by early attempts that they needed extra healing, in which case I added Venom. Where one or more of the five 12% damage strikers was in the team, I just added leadership characters as strikers.

I used the first successful run here, and in many cases I could have gone much faster. If it became obvious that a character couldn't do the stage, I stopped and noted down where I'd got to in my best attempt.

Asterisk = used Venom striker

All characters have latest uni unless otherwise specified, I have put number of attempts to get this clear (or non clear), as an indicator of how difficult the character is to play against Knull.

Thanos / Red Skull / Mystique*

GBI, 140% proc, died at 23 bars left with 38 seconds left on first attempt. He is by far my least geared TP/T3, so unsurprising he failed

Hulk / Black Widow (snow suit) / Mystique

CTP Authority, 16 bars left 2nd attempt. I took her CTPE off yesterday, and think she would be able to clear with that

Star-Lord / Iron Man / Mystique*

CTPE. 12 bars left, about eight attempts made. By far the most frustrating. He has enough damage but gets interrupted so often, and also so frail.

Deadpool / Mystique / Magneto

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CTPD. 12 bars left, 2nd try. Just doesn't have enough damage for me.

Captain America / Hulk / Mystique

CTP Regen. 12 bars left, 4th try. I have only 3% HP on cards from a collection. An account with more HP could defo do this with a Regen, or an account with just a max HP damage proc could easily.

Hulk / Captain America / Mystique

CTPE. 6 bars left, 6 attempts. He could definitely do it with my build, but it's very frustrating trying to get his accumulation on his T3 without getting interrupted.

Magneto / Apocalypse / Mystique

Crit Damage, Mind Damage, 160% proc. Cleared with 0:06 left, 1st attempt. Only just T3'd and haven't got his rotation down yet, should be able to do much better.

Thanos / Mystique / Captain America (should have used Medusa lead)

GBI 160% proc. 0:07 left, 1st attempt. I took his rage off yesterday so just has a placeholder atm. With rage he could clear easily, and with a good leadership is a good candidate for backup dps.

Star-Lord / Mystique / Magneto*

Crit Damage, 200% proc. 0:20 left, 1st attempt. Straightforward clear

Medusa / Silver Surfer / Mystique

CTP Regen. 0:21 left, 2nd attempt. Completely PVP build, so solid effort

Medusa / Captain Marvel / Mystique*

Rage. 0:21 left, 2nd attempt. Was on pace for a much quicker run first time, but died.

Magneto / Mystique / Red Skull*

Rage. 0:24 left, 1st attempt. Could definitely do faster.

Hulk / Quicksilver / Mystique*

CTPD. 0:24 left, 3rd attempt (died twice being overly aggressive)

Thanos / Doc Ock / Mystique*

CTPE. 0:35 left, 6th attempt. Has the damage comfortably, but interrupted a lot and very fragile

Medusa / Mystique / Magneto*

CTPE. 0:40 left, 2nd attempt. Surprised she took this long, sometimes have trouble with late procs on 6th skill.

Beta Ray Bill / Thor / Mystique*

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CTPE. 1:12 left, 3rd attempt. Bit disappointing here, but still learning how to play well with an energy

Magneto / Jean Grey (Marvel Girl) / Mystique

CTPD. 1:21 left, 1st attempt. Very comfortable here, which surprised me. If pushing higher stages she's useful to do her T3 to take off a couple of bars before Thor comes in the final stage.

Magneto / Mystique / Quicksilver*

Rage. 1:32 left, 3rd attempt. Disappointing here. Died first two times being overly aggressive. He is very good in the first phase though.

Magneto / Namor / Mystique*

Rage. 1:46 left, 5th attempt. Easy clear, died on final phase on the first few attempts trying to attack before Thor, but his T3 has very sketchy invulnerability.

Strange / Luna / Mystique

Rage. 1:47 left, 1st attempt. Simple clear.

Doctor Strange / Mystique / Magneto

Rage. 1:52 left, 1st attempt. He is amazing on first and last phases, but is still surprisingly alright in the middle. Since knull does the exact same pattern of attacks every time, it's easy to know when to push and hold back with him.

Beta Ray Bill / Mystique / Magneto*

CTPE. 2.25 left, 4th try. Was trying to see which attacks would work on the last phase pre Thor. Very solid and he took Knull down to 45 bars with opening rotation, skipping one of the Symbiote pools from the off.

Medusa / Ghost Rider / Mystique*

Rage. 2:28 left, 1st attempt. Very simple, quick clear

Medusa / Odin / Mystique

Rage. 2:51 left, 1st attempt. Very quick and easy to play.

Hulk / Moon Knight / Mystique

CTPE. 3:07 left, 1st attempt. Surprised how good he was, considering I usually use him with Strange and Luna. Went from 22 bars straight to final phase with one awakened and one normal rotation.

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Star-Lord / Sharon / Mystique

Mighty CTPE (all attack boost). 3:20 left, 1st attempt. Frustrating on first phase, but finished that with one T3.

More of my roster managed to clear than I thought, despite playing like this being distinctly suboptimal, without being able to switch to do more damage. Even the characters that failed can have a place on some Knull teams to be able to do some damage while your main DPS is switched out. My cards are good, but people can probably put together more clears than they think on Knull based on my testing


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