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I virtually crafted a million cards to bring you these results

Content of the article: "I virtually crafted a million cards to bring you these results"

I have a card that has 3 blue stars (2% pierce). It came that way "out of the box" after initial crafting. I was curious about what it would cost if I ever decided to take it to 6 blue stars (5% pierce).

I wrote a simulation to get the average costs to reach six blue stars depending on where you are starting from. This assumes that blue, red, and green all have a 1/3rd chance of dropping.

A reroll (NM calls it "Craft Combine") costs a single p-card as well crystals. You can lock cards (NM calls it "fix") that you are happy with. The more cards you lock, the more crystals it will cost.

The goal for this table is 6 blue stars giving 5% pierce.

The first line of this table is the case where you started out with no blue stars at all. From this terrible starting position, players could get to 6 blues by rolling an average of 6.5x and spending 1800 crystals.

Blue stars P-Cards Crystals
6.5 1803
1 6.1 1829
2 5.7 1851
3 5.0 1787
4 4.2 1743
5 3.0 1502

The goal for this table is for 3 blue stars giving 2% pierce. Edit: This is for the situation where you happen to start with 3 red cards (2% concentration) and you want to supplement it with pierce. A half-and-half card.

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Blue stars P-Cards Crystals
5.0 304
1 4.2 328
2 3.0 299

Disclaimer: My assumptions could be wrong, or my program may have some bugs. I do feel pretty confident about the results because /u/darkgamerzero independently wrote a simulator and our results matched.

I debated whether or not I should post this because I hate this crafting system and I don't want to be seen as encouraging Netmarble's awful system. But sharing the work with the community did override my distaste for the crafting system.

The costs are surprisingly cheap and I hate that they're so cheap. I can see whales with lots of cards easily getting 25% pierce in no time at all. Or they could choose 15% pierce and 10% concentration. This is the eventual death of PVP modes.


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