Marvel Future Fight

MFF Card Calculator (v6.6.0)

I have made the new MFF Card Calculator (6.6.0) Spreadsheet

This is an update of my old MFF Card Calculator


Spreadsheet contains the following sheets

  • Calculator – Main sheet, a comic card calculator that incorporates collection effect
  • Cards – all comic cards available and the MFF version they were released
  • Collection – a table to track all comic cards you have acquired
  • Rating – ranks all comic cards according to your preferred stats
    • HIDDEN SHEETS -Change at your own risk – don't change unless you're sure
      • Location – all possible locations where you can farm and/or acquire all comic cards
      • Stats – all possible stats for all comic cards
      • VAR, VAR 2 – sheets needed at calculator
  • T – all texts for multilingual translation


In this new update I have make this change:

  • Update to new Card Crafting system
  • Fixed some minor bugs


I would like to give credit to u/rnpasinos and other original authors for they great job.


  • Before use the spreadsheet, sure you make your own copy. The link provided is locked to myself.To create a copy, click File | Make a copy… and a new copy will be saved on your Google Docs (Google account required).
  • go to Collection and change according to your own collections
  • go to Cards and set TRUE on cards that you have owned

Note: Spreadsheet start with my owned Cards and Collections 😉



  • To use Collection, simply choose the rank of each of the comic cards in your inventory.If you don't own a card, choose 0 or leave it blank.
    • If the stat for a specific collection are all small letters, then it means that you're still missing at least 1 card to complete the collection.
    • If the stat for a specific collection are all captical letters, then it means that you've already completed the collection. You may now discard any duplicates.
    • If the stat for a specific collection are all captical letters with 3% displayed, it means that you've already ranked all comic cards in the collection to mythic (6★). You may now unlock the collection in the game and discard all comic cards.


  • The calculator have a function to compare two different set of five cards:

    • Right tab (CARDS EQUIPPED) – Here you can put Cards that are currently equipped
    • Left tab (NEW CARD) – Here you can put any Card you want to test difference between Cards equipped
    • For all the stats of both sections there is a column (DIFF) containing the difference with the other set
    • Crafting Option. Simple select color of star and option you have crafted in all cards.
      Bonus Stat will be calculated automatically.

    • Comic Cards – you may choose All or Rated.
      • If you choose All, you can select all cards available in the game.
      • If you choose Rated, you can only select the top 20 cards in the Rating tab.
    • Collection Effect – you may choose All, Owned, or None.
      • If you choose All, all collection effect bonuses will be added.
      • If you choose, Owned, only collections that you have completed in the Collection tab will be added.
      • If you choose None, no collection effect bonus will be added.
    • LANGUAGE – Select your preferred language. When you change language some options must be changed manually (displayed by a red triangle)


  • Here you find the list of all the cards and the possibility to set the ones owned.

Change in this sheet not affected the result of Calculator. This is used only in the Rating sheet


  1. Start by ranking each stat from 1 to 16. Energy & Physical Attack, Energy & Physical Defense, All Resists, and All PROCs are combined into a single category named E/P Attack, E/P Defense, Resist, and PROC, respectively.
  2. After ranking each stat, give each stat a score from 0 to 16 (increments of 0.5). Take note that a lower ranked stat can't have a score higher than a higher ranked stat. Put 0 on stats you absolutely don't want and 1 or 0.5 on stats you don't care.
  3. Under Preference, you can choose whether you prefer Energy or Physical or None. Currently, if you choose None, Energy will be prioritized over Physical due to sorting.
  4. Under Options | Card Quality, choose between 1 to 7. The quality of the card you choose will greatly affect how the cards are computed. Choosing 7 means that the 1st and 2nd fixed stats will be computed at 11.0% while choosing 1 will compute both at 7.5%.
  5. Under Options, choose whether or not you want to give a bonus if one of the listed conditions are true. For example, if you choose TRUE for Top 4, this means that if the top 4 ranked stats can be rolled on the same comic card, the comic card will be given additional points.
  6. Under Options | Penalty, you can choose if you want to give a penalty to a card if the score on all stats on a rank is 0. For example, if the rank 4 stats are Physical Defense, Energy Defense, Movement Speed, Resist, and PROC and you gave all of these stats a score of 0, the comic card will be penalized and will be given a score of 0.
  7. Under Cards to Display, choose which comic cards you want to be displayed.
  8. If you choose TRUE for Owned, it will display the cards that you currently own under the Cards tab. This option will override all the options below it.
  9. If you choose TRUE for Non-Premium and/or Premium, it will override all the Non-Premium and Premium options under them respectively.
  10. The RESULT table will display the top 20 cards based on the options you have provided.


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