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So, as we all know, there are a number of existing great support characters in-game. Let's assume Marvel Girl Jean Grey is the spear of your team, what's your best 2 supporting characters to support her? Trying to form an all-round team that focuses and revolves around my Jean as the spear of my attacks.

  1. Kitty Pryde as the leader? Her +55% all attack for mutant allies (remember, it's Jean who's the spear of the team) is way better than Nick Fury's (even with his uniform who's sitting on +50%) in terms of attacks because that +55% attack can be applied to both super villain and super hero. But taking Nick's T2 skill which adds another +55% all attack to super villain on top of that flat +50% all attack for super hero allies, Nick Fury is more focused to beat super villains?
  2. T2 Dazzler? Her T2 skill grants +65% extra damage for mutant allies but only to boss type characters. Definitely would be great for a supporting Jean in GBR, ABX and WBU.
  3. T2 Nick Fury? +55% attack to super villain on top of +50% attack to all characters (like I stated above).
  4. T2 Mystique? +45% damage to super hero and +40% damage to super villain. Combined with T2 P5 Colly who gives a -50% incoming damage received from both super villain and super heroes making Jean a solid character? When combined Jean will have extra damage (+45% damage to super hero and +40% damage to super villain) and extra damage because of +50% damage decrease received from both super heroes and super villains? This way Jean will become more durable while still poking high damage.
  5. T2 Taskmaster with BW movie skin? Basically a toned down version of T2 Mystique's skill which is +40% damage to super hero and +40% damage to super villain.
  6. T2 Satana (uni) as leader and T2 Ghost Panther as a supporting character? Satana's leadership with her uni will add a huge amount of +70% fire damage (the biggest fire damage support bonus that exists in the game, bigger than RHulk and RSHulk) that will definitely enhance Jean's fire T3 skill. T2 Ghost Panther will give +45% damage dealt to super villain, -15% damage decrease received from super villain, and +50% fire damage which works just like Satana's leadership skill. This team will also grant both offense and defense for Jean, but it's only for Super villain. But it comes to argument that the rest of Jean's Marvel Girl's skill is mind damage-based, not fire damage, so Satana and GP's support skill will only enhance Jean's T3 fire skill to super villain, and not her other mind-based attacks.
  7. Other supporting characters like Cap Marvel, Magneto, etc (their universal damage increase skill as team leaders)?
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So, with all those conditions and arguments I've stated above, which team combination can you form from these supporting character list I've created that will make Jean an unstoppable force as the spear of your team? Or did I miss someone? Thank you very much!


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