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My Future Fight Update Predictions, Part 1

Content of the article: "My Future Fight Update Predictions, Part 1"

Preface: I know posts like this a getting posted every day but I couldn't help myself. I thought it’d be fun to speculate about the last batch of updates for Future Fight in 2020. Yes, I know that these are completely pointless since game designers actually plan everything ahead like 6 months before release. Still, I had too much free time on my hands, and here we are.

Since we are, like, only a week or two away from the first update sneak peak, I’d like to start with October Update.

October Update Theme: It was a toss-up between something X-Men and a Halloween themed update. I figured the recent Damnation update was originally supposed to be the October update (all of the characters scream Halloween) but plans probably got changed and things got moved around (‘cause of MCU release date shuffles, probably?). So, X-Men it is.

House of X Part 2

I think it’s a no-brainer. While Part 1 back in March was kinda disaster, it still left a lot on the plate. First things first, I think it’s too early for X of Swords, so that one’s out of the way. The way Netmarble’s doing updates this past few months is the spreading out of content throughout the month, and I’ll try to keep that in mind.

The Content:
3 new characters, 5 new uniforms, 3 new Awakening Skills, 2 new Tier 3s.

Northstar (Speed, Male, Hero) – FTP, representative from the new X-Factor team. It's been a while since we had a speed X-Man hero and he's a pretty good choice. Ideally, he should be added along with Aurora (maybe some kind of Ice Climbers from Smash situation or a special free uniform that'd let players switch between the two).
Rictor (Combat, Male, Hero) – Paywall, representative from Excalibur. A lesser known but seemingly important to Dawn of X mutant. We have quite a handful of stone characters (War Tiger, Gorgon) but I Rictor could be a good semi-support (like Nova and Phyla-Vell).
Pyro (Blast, Male, Villain) – Danger Room Special Training, representative from Marauders. Abomination's Special Training's about to end for everyone and, if my calculations are correct, next Danger Room character should be in the October update. And Pyro is fun!
I thought New Mutants deserve their own update (with, like, at least 5 characters) but alternatively a combo of Cannonball/Sunspot/Mirage would also work. Or Havok/Vulcan/Polaris (this one's harder since it'd be 3 blast types).

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New Uniforms:
Week 1: Psylocke – Captain Britain from Excalibur, 1750 crystals. I chose this one mostly for her looks, but as Captain Britain Betsy's totally gonna throw a lot more punches. She's also the one getting the T3 this month. Well, the first one, that is.
Angel – X-Men: Blue w/ Black Vortex Power-Up, 1750 crystals. Continuing the theme from August update (Iceman's X-Men: Blue uniform). This uni will turn Angel into a speed energy dealing machine.
Beast – X-Men: Blue w/ Demonic Form in animations, 1750 crystals. Another X-Men: Blue uniform. Demon Beast's gonna be a rare combat energy hero. And he, Iceman and Angel are going to be the Awakening Trio this update. Like Midnight Sons this months, these three will require each other at T2 lvl60 to Awaken.
Week 2: X-23 – All-New All-New Wolverine from Hickman's X-Men, 1750 crystals. A nice new and shiny uniform for Laura.
Week 3: Kitty Pryde – Red Queen from Marauders, 1750 crystals. The Pirate Queen desperately needs a buff, so why not a cool uniform. And I'm not sure but I haven't seen any character animations with boats. Only tanks. And helicopters.

Also, this update would introduce a new mechanic for groups of Awakening Characters (Warriors of the Sky and Midnight Sons): the upgrade costs for every next character in the group would be 25% less than for the previous character. How this is gonna work: Character 1 costs 240 CCF, 300 AC, 1000 MG -> Character 2 costs 180 CCF, 225 AC, 750 MG -> Character 3 costs 135 CCF, 170 AC, 560 MG -> Character 4 costs 100 CCF, 130 AC, 420 MG. To all the players who have already Awakened more than 1 Warrior of the Sky and Midnight Son there will be a refund (but knowing NM it’d be like 25 CCF for every Awakened character or smth).

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The second T3 of the month should be a well established character like Rogue, Colossus or Nimrod.

I have also written my versions of November, December and January updates, and I'm gonna post them separately over time.


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