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My Future Fight Update Predictions, Part 2

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This post is going to cover the November and December updates. Starting things off with the November one and it's a long awaited War of the Realms update. Some spoilers for the current Marvel story lines, I guess.

Featuring: 1 new character, 6 new uniforms, 1 new Awakening Skill, 2 new T3s.

Sometimes NM rolls out content with less new stuff and more reworks of older stuff, this is going to be one of them. I thought about adding more new characters but decided against it in the end.

Kurse (Combat, Female, Villain) — F2P, with leadership similar to She-Hulk. Kurse is a cool looking toon and basically Malekith's right hand.

New Uniforms

Malekith – Necrosword Form – 1750 crystals. A total rework of the character. New skills would include summoning his bog tiger (i think that's what is' called) and doing massive AoE damage with his necrosword. Also, he's the one getting a T3 day one this update. The skill animation would include Malekith summoning his Black Bifrost (similar to Odin's T3 skill animation to save costs or smth).

Volstagg – War Thor – 1750 crystals. I know he's not in the War of the Realms event but this could be our only chance at getting something done with Volstagg or Warriors Three in general. So, War Thor is going to be a Universal Hero Male and doing electric damage based on his physical attack (I don't think this combo has been done yet). In addition, Volstagg is the one getting an Awakening Skill this patch. It makes sense with him having two F2P requirements in Fandral and Hogun. I kinda wanted to give the others Awakening Skills, but they've had only one look their entire comic careers and I doubt NM's gonna bother with reworking this two.

Valkyrie – Modern – 1750 crystals. I guess you could call it a controversial pick since (SPOILERS) she was killed in the event, but Valkyrie kinda needs an upgrade to be on par with other support characters (and make people buy Premium Bio-Sub). She would get stat increase on her passives and some new cool looking animations.

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**Thor – Herald of Galactus – 2500 crystals. I know that only Native-T2s get 2500 crystal uniforms but hear me out. This new uniform will be the first one to change a character's T3 skill effect and animation. And Thor needs a buff to keep up with BRB, Black Bolt and other Universal characters. So, this new T3 will feature Thor summoning the Galactus himself who will create a life drain area on the field (and it's going to work against World Bosses) while Thor's going to combine his Lightning damage with some Power Cosmic.

Thor (Jane Foster) – Valkyrie (Jane Foster) – 1750 crystals. The first four unis are day one releases while All-New Valkyrie is gonna be a week later. She's going to remain being Universal Female Hero but lose all of the Lightning effects from her skills. In terms of power ups, think recent Kamala Khan uniform. A major bump but nothing game breaking.

Loki – Modern – 1750 crystals. So, hear me out. Loki placed 4th in the Character Rework Voting (behind Odin, Dormammu and Ghost Rider) and all three got ones in the last few months. Then, Loki was an Unlock Requirement for the All-War Story Mode Mission (so that players had to lvl 70 him) and he got some new skill animations in the mode. Gathering all this facts, I think that there's no chance in Hel Loki's not getting something in upcoming months. So why not both a uni and a T3? His skills should be even more chill based (since currently he's The King of Jotunnheim).

December Update Theme:
December, I think, is always a content-light update months. And half of the update obviously has to have something to do with Holidays, so I decided to split the update into 2 distinct parts.

Heroes For Hire: 1 new characters, 5 new uniforms, 3 new awakening skills, 1 new T3.

Scorpion (Speed, Male, Villain) – Paywall. He could be a fun speed villain with poison attacks (to use Viper's leadership) but honestly I want him in the game before the big Venom Update a few months down the line since he's both an ex-Venom and (HUGE SPOILERS FOR CURRENT ARC OF DONNY CATES' VENOM) an armored villain called Virus.

Iron Fist – Modern – 1750 crystals. His current suit is the green recolor of his All-New, All-Different suit but NM could definitely have some fun with it, like adapting his one-off appearance in War of the Realms. Or just do a proper shirtless Iron Fist from Immortal Iron Fist comic series. Anyways, Iron Fist along with Jessica Jones and Luke Cage are this patch's Awakening Trio (require each other to unlock Awakening Skills).

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**Jessica Jones – Jewel – 1750 crystals. Another toon in dire need of a buff, so why not go all the way? This look is cheesy, I get it, but it's not like she has many options. Her comic look is almost identical to Netflix's and all you can do is choose between Jewel and Knightress.

Luke Cage – Classic – 1750 crystals. Luke is another hero with little to no different uniforms (i guess sometimes he wears a black t-shirt instead of a yellow one. Or a yellow hoodie) so we a going classic with this one. But not the cell shaded shitty ones like Loki and Hawkeye, but a proper old but gold feel.

**Spider-Gwen – Gwenom – 1750 crystals. First things first, we get rid of the awful Spider-Gwen moniker and adopt the Ghost-Spider name. Then, we go back to awful monikers and give her a Gwenom uniform. I get that it's random but this is another symbiote before the Big Symbiote update.

Daredevil – Black Training Suit – 1750 crystals. I don't know the proper name for the look (just Modern?) but it is a cool look. Also, a T3. Because it's time.

Holiday part: 2 new uniforms (timed).

Daredevil – I'm Not Daredevil – 1750 crystals, synergy with Black Training Suit. To be released, like, 2-3 weeks after the Heroes for Hire update. Goes well with ugly sweater theme. Honestly, they can slap the sweater on top of any of his other uniforms, I don't care about Matt Murdock's face (although it'd be funny).

Luke Cage – Santa Cage – Tokens for Spending Money (like Enchantress and Gwenpool). Don't have a reference for that, but it should just be Luke Cage dressed as Santa (also, some obvious joke about CM Kage and his multiple personalities in the Live Stream). I mean, Luke's the 'Sweet Christmas' guy, time to own up to it.

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So, this does it for 2020. I know that people want Venom themed update ASAP (I do, too) but I think that it would work best as a January or a February update. Anyways, hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed conceiving it!


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