Marvel Future Fight

Rogue’s New Costume + T3 thoughts?

So the costume is out and they buffed her passive back to 20% increase to buffs, which is great.

I tried CTP of Energy on her thinking it'd be best due to her 3 > 4 > 5 combo but it was very annoying to proc and I was disappointed with the damage.

Before trying Rage I tested Judgement and the damage increase was massive. I was able to do Knull stage 9 with no supports.

I don't have crystals to remove judgement and try rage, but if Judgement is doing so much damage on her I assume Rage will be best anyway.

Here's my review of the costume after some more testing:

WBL 9 Clear

The best team up for her seems to be Magneto Lead and Mystique as support. I tried with BRB as lead for the Lightning damage, but Magneto did better.

The rotation at least for Judgement, seems to be better as 3c > 5dc > 4c > T3

Very comfortable clear with this team up and with Judgement as her T3 does huge damage and everything else does great damage too. Some tips I would recommend are that Rogue can take A LOT of damage, so no need to stop attacking before Knull does his purple attacks as you can take a few hits if your t3 animation is on going or rotation is almost done.

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I only tried her with CTP of Energy before and I was underwhelmed with the results, haven't tested Rage but people seem to say its also lackluster. CTP of Judgement just seems to be really strong on her.

Squad Battle scored a bit over 2 million and 1.6m on auto.

Timeline, she has a lot of damage but she is a kill or be killed type of character there. Seems to struggle most against Jean and SS, but can kill everything. Definitely not meta, but good enough.

Overall I'm happy to have somewhere to use my CTP of Judgement that I never used.

Don't care much for ABX, but I'm sure she can do a lot more if you actually care to use a BURN character or evade the meteors lol

Anyone else has tried her out?


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