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Scrap the cap = semi-successful…but what’s next?

Content of the article: "Scrap the cap = semi-successful…but what’s next?"

I was debating on whether or not to post this discussion since the last one I posted on this subject got some flak from some members of the community but I believe that it’s necessary especially since then I’ve seen more and more people beginning to touch in the subject.

The discussion:

YouTubers like Cynicalex and Beastmode have made videos touching on the issue of REWARDS in the current state of the game.

In the past the community band together to fix the “low cap” on the Xmen materials. It took many videos from creators and many people posting the hashtag: #scrapthecap to get Netmarble to finally acknowledge us and do something about it. Even though they didn’t exactly “scrap the cap”, it was at least a step in the right direction.

The issue that is at hand now is the issue of a lack of rewards in conjunction with the inflating rates of resources being spent. We are seriously lacking in BAM, Norn Stones, CCF, Gold, Crystals etc. Different people are struggling to obtain different resources but for the most part, everyone can say that they are seriously lacking in a certain resource at the moment due to a lack of rewards in that category.

If Netmarble keeps putting out updates with super expensive native tier 2, double cost getting tier 3s and tons of uniforms that cost thousands of crystals…then they are going to have to up some rewards.

Even though I hate the fact that we even have to ask/berate Netmarble to change the rewards (they should be doing it without us asking) we are going to have to start another “#scrapthecap” type trend to raise awareness of the issue.

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“#Fixtherewards” “#Rectifytherewards” (trying to rhyme lol) “#Reworktherewards”

Suggestions are welcome and please let me know what you think about the current state of the game. Personally I don’t feel much incentive to play many gamemodes besides world boss because the rewards for most other gamemodes are so bad that there is essentially no point in playing the gamemodes at all (except for fun). I want to be able to enjoy the hard work that the devs put into making the gamemodes like Alliance battle extreme but if they don’t update the rewards then their development work will be going to waste.


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