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sharing some shadowland tips after beating flr 135

Content of the article: "sharing some shadowland tips after beating flr 135"

beat shadowland flr 135 over the weekend. want to share some experience and possible tips. Sorry there is no TLDR version for this.


  1. strongest toon in shadowland title goes to —– dr. strange. beat a wiccan rumble on flr 135 with strange in less than 50 seconds. A couple weeks ago I got to flr 133 (can't remember what it was), re-used strange and beat it in just 20 seconds. can't directly figure out why but my guess is that shadowland higher floors' bosses' atk, def, and hp increases are actually removable buffs, and strange removes them. Feel strange can do flr 200 if u have enough toons to send him there.
  2. "2nd strongest toon", possibly sounds a bit lame but it's Magneto. Magneto's power comes from his t3 def down and his passive of amplifying debuff effect, together with his 80% dmg increase to human. Plus, he is a blast villain. For whatever reason, in both this run that I reached 135 and the run a couple weeks ago when I reached 133 with 4 re-uses, I rolled a lot of stages where u can use blast toons. Magneto probably can do flr 170 ~ 180.
  3. Key for success after flr 100 (or maybe after 90 or even 80) – type advantage. For most toons, after flr 100 (or 90 or 80), they just can't do enough dmg without type advantage. u actually may start feeling the "doing enough dmg" struggle after flr 70, if u want to reach 135. But the struggle becomes worse and worse for flr 80+, 90+ and 100+. Once u reach flr 110, actually ur remaining toons should be strong enough that u don't feel as much struggle.
  4. can't figure out who I can call the "3rd strongest toon". Lady deadpool should be but weird enough, it's rather hard to roll a stage u can use a speed toon above 120. Besides, LDP somewhat needs the 40% debuff lead. In my final run, LDP did flr 132 for me WITHOUT voodoo/enchantress/white fox but it was close. Her main issue is chaining the iframes – in WBU or other content, you can do 5c4 and then just run around. In shadowland, bosses' atk speed and atk range are just ridiculous. U have to let 5c4 fully play out and even wait half a sec after the iframe indicator disappears before doing 2, and cancel 2 as soon as 5 becomes ready. Bcz of these, the 3rd strongest is not necessarily LDP but could be one among LDP/Odin/BRB/Mystique/Silver Surfer blk (if u have a rage on him). BRB and Mystique both need voodoo/enchantress/white fox to compete for the 3rd strongest title though. In my final run, used BRB on flr 131 with white fox lead and used Mystique self lead on a 120+ stage
  5. The "distance" between flrs after 110 becomes larger and larger. For example, a toon can do flr 85 probably can also do flr 90. But after flr 110, this no longer holds. I tested blk bolt (t3) and medusa (trans po) on flr 110 and they both could finish with ease but when I tried to use them on flr 119, same stage (ghost rider/angela/red hulk/fire goblin), neither could complete. Had to use both together on a rumble stage.
  6. strongest DPS without def down queen and king —- Star Night Sharon Rogers and Summer Cable. Sharon Rogers is probably the only high power toon whose accumulation skill does NOT also guard break bosses. With the dmg of high flr bosses, it's very easy for her accumulation to be fully charged. I did give her she hulk lead but she eventually did flr 130 for me. Summer Cable is a bit tricky bcz u might have to use him to fight more than 1 enemy on a flr. Not like in ABX or even WBU, u can't let his 5 fully play out bcz 1 of the enemies may not be guard broken by his 5 and atk. At that level of flr, if an enemy touches ur toon once, ur toon dies. So cable has to use his 1 when the counter of his 5 skill invincibility goes slightly pass 2, to survive. If not bcz of his, he could out-dps sharog.
  7. "2nd strongest villain", again a bit lame but the title goes to Thanos. surprisingly, thanos' performance in shadowland is relatively much better than in ABX/WBU. I guess it's bcz his skills 1 that remove all buff, which is similar to strange's. But his is not as effective, mainly bcz he has only 1 such skill. Fortunately for him, u may use him on a villain stage and thus u can couple him with shuri/valkyrie/ghost panther. I used him on a 120+ stage. have a rage on him.
  8. Silver Surfer Black is just so strong, weirdly strong. I have a regen on him and first tried him on flr 110, a wiccan rumble. He killed 2 toons and got wiccan down to the battle field in 20 seconds! Again, this is a regen blk surfer. I eventually used him on flr 115 but even with regen, he should be able to do flr 120. If u have a rage on him, he definitely will be the 3rd strongest in shadowland and could possibly overtake magneto. But, many players need a regen surfer.
  9. if u ever question how strong the korean hulk is, mine did flr 121. have a ctpe on him.
  10. storm t3 in shadowland is close to or on par with scarlet witch and prof x.
  11. Namor and Luna snow suffer with no def down. but they still can do a flr 110 ~ 120.
  12. summer enchantress solo'ed flr 114 for me, ctpe
  13. yelena belova blk uni, heads and shoulders above other paywall toons (not counting Namor and Luna snow)
  14. Negasonic Teen Warhead and Abomination, both ctpe, are not too far away in shadowland performance
  15. Red she hulk – used her on a 105 stage agent venom/carnage last run reaching 133. in the current run tried her on a 110 agent venom/carnage. could NOT finish.
  16. Psylocke, as a deluxe page toon, did 100+ for me (can't remember the actual flr number), 200 ctpd on her
  17. blue dragon, poised to do 100+, have a lignting dmg 200 obbie on her
  18. Aero is a bit stronger than many other paywall toons
  19. Thane, did flr 94 for me with ease. 200 ctpd on him
  20. 2099 spider, nimrod, slapstick, gambit, rachael summers, have similar power level (my nimrod and rachael summers have rather lame obbies on them). They all can do 90+ for a stage suitable for them but can't do 100+ (probably can't even with rage)
  21. holiday gwenpool, believe it or not, did flr 93 for me, and in last run when I reached 133, she did flr 91. This shows NM can pretty much adjust a toon's power level anyway they want, as long as they can make u pay
  22. big nova and sun bird, somewhat can do flr 90 or so
  23. Mr. fantastic, crescent and winter soldier have accumulation from dmg received, and unfortunately their accumulation skill also attack and guard break enemies so they can't accumulate easily. winter soldier is the hardest to get accumulation. Mr. Fantastic had depressing performance in my last run but in my final run, not sure what I got right and he did flr 111 for me
  24. Victorious, although seems not in her skill description but i believe 1 or 2 of her skills do def down. she is a flr 110 or so toon for me
  25. Blk widow blk uni is a 100+ toon
  26. Cosmic ghost rider with rage is a flr 100 or so toon
  27. among the double cost native t2s who have no been mentioned: Jean Grey is the strongest (of course bcz she is t3), even with a ctp greed. apoc with rage about same. stryfe with 200 ctpd did 90+ for me, while doom with 200 ctpd only did 80+. I don't have gladiator built so don't know where he is.
  28. Kamala khan's new uni did flr 97 for me
  29. Minn-erva, Molten man and task master (solo), all can do flr 90+. Minn-erva is the strongest among these 3.
  30. Blk panther with a 200 ctpd did flr 90 in my final run. immortal hulk with a 160 dmg proc obbie did 100 or so in my last run (the 133 run). But now i have a regen on him. he can' even do flr 90
  31. iceman's uni really doesn't do anything. from what flr he can do point of view, this uni almost doesn't change him at all
  32. many mutant toons can do flr 70+ to 80+, iceman, rogue, mr. sinister, emma frost (P5), sabertooth, Magik, jubilee, juggernaut, weapon hex, domino, kid omega, all with latest uni, if they have one. of course, none of mine has really good obbies or ctp on them. Emma's p5 uni is much stronger than her blk uni
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Finally, the space distance in shadowland is weird or maybe "longer". Remember NM revised scarlet witch's 5 so she can use reach the enemy? Well, she still has difficulty reaching the enemies with 5 in shadowland. But she is not the only one. Slapstick, for example, really struggles to reach enemies with his skills. many other toons also struggle with finding the enemies to chain attacks while the enemies surely have no problem finding them and attack


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