Marvel Future Fight

Some card tips for new and veteran players

1.) If your new don't waste mythic cards rerolling non premium cards. It will just put you back.

2.) if your new throw on decent 4* cards you get, don't equip a 6* unless you pull/upgrade into a borderline perfect card.

3.) Attack stats on the first 2 fixed stats are even better now than before, since you can cap other stats through crafting. HP is also better as a fixed stat than it used to be for the same reason.

4.) Craft good premium cards that prioritize attack power with their fixed stats. Do not craft premium cards that are placeholders. Example: any of the Loki cards.

5.) If you get a great premium card don't worry about rerolling the stats for a good roll. Craft it first than work on getting a good roll. Crafting is less RNG than rerolling is. It's still RNG, but you are upgrading your card stats with new bonuses, so even if the craft wasn't the best it is still an improvement.

6.) Once you start crafting an ideal premium card, always finish crafting it before moving onto the next card. The reason being is that the 6th star is by far the most important one, there is a 60% to get an attack boost of some kind! And a 20% chance to get an All attack buff! The only exceptions to this rule are if you only care about AC, than you could conceivably to the first 2 stars of all your cards first to try and get HP on the 2nd star. Or if you accidently crafted a bad premium card, ex. Loki #1. Than you want to stop crafting the bad one asap.

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7.) If you have mediocre to bad premium cards. Hold onto them for rerolling crafted stats in the future. And if you are new you can use a card such as Loki# 1 and 2 to fill in cooldown and ignore defense, just stay away from crafting it until you have better premium cards. It is worth considering to unequip them it in the future to reroll your crafted cards. 600 crystals to unequip is usually cheaper than taking a stroll down RNG lane in the shop. But if you start crafting them not only will you be wasting mythic cards, but the cost to unequip them will go up.

8.) Dimension mission tokens should be used exclusively to build/craft your card set. If you save your tokens for this purpose you can have a fully crafted set in less than a year. Same goes for the lab processor, you can get a healthy dose of cards from it. Work on Shadowland up to at least stage 25 for the 2 5* cards each week.

Card Tiers (these are the ideal crafting cards)

SS Class : Luna Snow card

S Class: White Fox card, Best Story Ever card,

A Class: Baby Spidey, Cable card, BP #166, All new all-different (don't have to roll for attack stats just quality)

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B Class (only if you prefer pvp): New avengers #9, Unbelievable Gwenpool #17 (both cards can get HP proc, Gwenpool is slightly better because it can give 6% all attack vs 5.7% from New Avengers.

Perfect PVE set:

Luna Card, White Fox, Baby Spidey, BP #166, Cable Card

Perfect PVP set:

New Avengers #9, Unbelievable Gwenpool #17, Best Story Ever, Baby Spidey (all attack stats plus hp on last slot), Black Widow #10

Perfect Balanced Set:

Best Story Ever, Luna Snow, Baby Spidey, White Fox, Unbelievable Gwenpool #17

Edit; Just wanted to add where I think each set fits based on players goals.

The PVP set is for players who only care about Alliance Conquest (AC) and some Timeline Battle(TLB). With this set you may find Knull and competing in DRX difficult, especially if you don't have at least 3-4 All attack boosts crafted.

The Balanced set is for players that want to dip into AC, but still want to be able to participate in PVE content at a fairly high level.

If you don't care about AC at all, than the PVE set is ideal for you. Even if you care about performing at a high level in TLB. You don't need a defensively built card set to perform. If anything damage is more important, because if you are challenging for rank 1, you need to ace teams at a consistently fast pace.

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