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Some ideas to make the game better

Content of the article: "Some ideas to make the game better"

Hello everyone,

I'm making this post in light of all the problems in the game, and the reluctance of MFF devs to make the game better for everyone. In this post I'll be focusing on ABX/AC rewards and alliance concept.

SO, my idea is 1st revamp alliance store, put things there that will motivate players to play ABX/AC, things like exclusive new characters, dimension chest (i'll get more into it later), t3 mats, awakening mats, maybe even gold.

Now, how would it work? At the end of every week we would get Alliance points based on our weekly scores ABX + AC. The higher scores we get the more points we would get. Individually and ally wise. This would fix 1 of the problems in this game that is, it doesn't matter what ally we are in as long it is lvl 30 or if we are competing for top 16. This would make all players play ore competitive to get more and better rewards. At the same time making a lot more alliances competitive. About the dimension chest in the store, 1st there would be a limit of 1 per month, 2nd let's say it would cost 1k points and people in the nr. 1 ally would get like 2k points per month, so would be 1 dimension chest + something else, while people on lower alliances could take like 2 months to farm for 1 dimension chest. this means they would reward high lvl players while motivating lower ones to build their roster to get more points.

Weekly rewards could also include some crystals and more gold(i need gold)

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I think this would be a good thing because, it would give us better rewards, reward players for investing in the characters, while at the same time motivating more players to spend in the game, so would be a win/win scenario for both players and NM.

Also, an idea to make AC more enjoyable, this one is harder and probably most AC fans won't like so much, but I'm just trying to address one of the biggest issues in ac(for me at least). That issue is the time it takes, and forcing us to stay there ready to attack and how hard it is to get everyone ready at the same time(cause of different time zones, work etc . The new AC would work like this, every "session" would last for about 10/12h, and everyone would only have x amount of attacks, IMO minimum 5 max 10 attacks. This would let everyone attack , while not spending that much time. We would be able to set our defense teams or things, but i won't get in so much detail.

Sorry for long post, i hope you like the ideas. Gl HF everyone


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