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State of the Vibranium League in Timeline – my random impressions

Timeline has changed quite a lot in the past year. Maybe not all changes are that prominent, or noticeable, but it seems to me that there is little in common between the current iteration of teams in Timeline with what it was like a couple of months ago.

Some random thoughts (Some might be common knowledge, some might be controversial, which is I welcome any disagreements and corrections!):

  1. First of all, I should start with the fact that I have only recently started taking Timeline seriously. When Black Widow update dropped, I played manually for a couple of weeks because it was so fun to use Natasha. Afterwards, I returned to autoplay for all battles. Only recently I started rerolling for opponents so that I get more points and rank higher.
  2. Secondly, in non-restricted weeks, my team of choice is Sentry (lead, CTP of greed), Silver Surfer (CTP of destruction), Jean Grey (CTP of greed). Now I am rank 4703 (top 14%), with 39 wins and 1 loss.
  3. I think that, more than ever, the order characters enter into play is very important. This is one of the reasons why I believe that Sentry is so dominant in PVP nowadays. Unlike Jean or Surfer,his first 2 skills are actually very, very good, which means that he can start the fight by dominating. He is also quite difficult to kill due to his tankiness and his revival, which means that Surfer and Jean will enter the fight at full capacity in case he is killed. This matters especially if you auto play your fights.
  4. Molecule Man has not made (yet?) as big a splash as it was expected. I find teams with Molecule Man lead quite easy to beat. Knull is really weak in PVP, especially because most players have him built for PVE.
  5. The number of teams not using support characters has increased. I still see a lot of teams using Colossus, but they are nowhere as numerous as they were months ago.
  6. I still love using Jean, but it is quite obvious that she lags behind Surfer and Sentry.
  7. CTPs of regen, even reforged ones, are not that scary if you use Sentry.
  8. I have learned to be more wary of enemy Silver Surfers than of Sentrys. Surfer's reflect is very painful.
  9. Worst team to fight has Surfer as a lead, Colossus as defensive support and Mystique or Ebony Maw as offensive support.
  10. Hulk is nowhere to be seen anymore.
  11. I still do not understand why people use Blast Jean Grey. I know she was marginally better to use in Timeline, but nowadays, with Sentry and Surfer and enhancement kits, she suffers a lot. Universal Jean Grey is not affected by her typing, and I honestly find her tankier.
  12. I would like to see a bit more varied restrictions in Timeline. There is a lot of room for improvement. But I gotta say, using Sentry is so fun that for the moment I actually enjoy playing Timeline.
  13. Last but not least, #improveTimelineRewards!
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That is all folks! Stay safe and hope you liked my random thoughts, even if you do not agree with them :p.


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