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“Sword of Necropsy” epic quest goal is a load of crap

Hey, you know the “Vault of the Guardians of the Galaxy” side quests tab, in the upper right corner of the GotG epic quests main screen? The reward for completing the “Sword of Necropsy” goal in that window is 25 Phyla-Vell bios. Sounds pretty good, right? Well it’s a bunch of B.S. and I have the math to prove it.

I’ve been running those missions every day since that update dropped on May 26, 2020. So far, I’ve only met two of the three requirements for the Sword of Necropsy thing. The third part— “Abnormal Life?” That’s what it’s called? Um, okay— requires five Swords of Necropsy from the “Ultimate Corruption” mission. Well, despite running Ultimate Corruption three times a day since I unlocked it (and I made sure to unlock the Epic Quest sections ASAP), I’ve only earned three out of the five Swords of Corruption required.

Okay, math, math… 144 days of running missions… math, math… that means I earned one Sword every FORTY EIGHT DAYS. For argument’s sake, let’s say I score a fourth Sword tomorrow. That’s still 36 days per Sword.

“So what?” you say. “Keep trying,” you say. Hang on, I’m getting to my point. As of today’s runs, I’ve gotten all but one of Phyla-Vell’s gears to 20 (got a late start on the “Fate of the Universe” missions since I unlocked Nova a couple months after the update), and that last gear is almost to 20. So you figure I’ll probably finish all her gears this week and use a T2 ticket on her.

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My point is: two or three months from now, when I finally get 5/5 stupid Swords of Necropsy from the stupid Ultimate Corruption missions, what use are those 25 Phyla-Vell bios going to be when I’ve already have her T2ed?

TL;DR: Netmarble made it so hard to complete the Sword of Necropsy goal, you’ll probably earn the reward long after it would’ve actually been useful.

Or maybe it’s me; maybe I’ve had rotten luck. Has anyone out there actually completed the Sword of Necropsy goal before they got Phyla-Vell’s gears to 20/20/20/20? You know, so you could actually use the 25 bios on upgrading her?

Edit: clarification… the reason this particular Epic Quest reward is frustrating enough to warrant a post is because unlike every other EQ reward (upgrade tickets, BAM, obelisks, etc.), this one takes so long that it becomes useless once you earn it (you’ll have T2ed Phyla way before you ever earn this). Even the Colossus bios could be used on a uniform. None of the other rewards (except maybe Vicky and Clea bios, don’t remember) are time sensitive.


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