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Thor 2020: Uniform Concepts for Thor, Beta Ray Bill, and Sif

Content of the article: "Thor 2020: Uniform Concepts for Thor, Beta Ray Bill, and Sif"

Thor(Herald of Thunder):

  • Power Cosmic, Leadership, Shock

1(Cosmic Crackle) –Thor lifts Mjolnir, causing an enormous lightning bolt to slam down on him. Can be cancelled as soon as the hammer is lifted. <6 Seconds> LIGHTNING

2(Sentencing Storm) – Thor grips Mjolnir in front of him as he radiates lightning(end of BRB’s 2nd skill) while a giant aura of lightning surrounds him. He ascends, spinning Mjolnir at his side, absorbing the lightning around him, before lunging to throw Mjolnir full force through his opponent. <12 Seconds> LIGHTNING

  • -5% decrease of all defences(Stacks up to 50%, Ignores Immunity)(5 sec).
  • Invincible(3 sec).
  • 20 hits, 100% base damage of Endgame Uniform(4th)

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