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Thor (Herald of Thunder Uniform) CONCEPT

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After seeing a lot about Thor's looks as a Herald of Galactus I thought I would make a concept for a Herald of Thunder Uniform for Thor.

Thor (Herald of Thunder Uniform) Concept

(Universal – Superhero – Asgardian – Male)

Herald of Thunder Icon Concept


  • Leadership (Applies to: Self – Increase damage dealt to SUPER-VILLIAN type characters by 4%​)
  • Shock (Applies to: Self – Increases Lightning Resist by 10%, increases Lightning Damage by 3%​)
  • Power Cosmic (Applies to: Self – 5% Ignore Defence, increase damage dealt to SUPER-HERO type characters by 5%, increase damage dealt to SUPER-VILLIAN type characters by 5%​)

Price – 1,750 -> 1,050

Updated Gear for Herald of Thunder:

  • Mjolnir​
  • Heralds Armor​
  • Huginn and Muninn
  • Thor Force

Uniform Effect:

Applies to: Self

  • Increases Lightning Damage by +25%
  • Decrease all damage received by +25%
  • Super Armor, All Defence +15%

Enhances effect of skill, Protector of Asgard

Enhances effect of skill, God of Thunder

7 Skill Changes

Tier 3 Skill – Thunder Blow

Applies to: Enemies​

  • -15% decrease of Lightning Resistance (Stacks up to 80%, ignores immunity)(10 sec.)​
  • Deals 70% Shock Damage every 1 sec.(3 sec.)​

Applies to: Self​

  • Ignores Target's Dodge Rate by 80%.(4 sec.)​
  • Invincible.(5 sec.)​
  • Removes all Debuffs. (3 sec.)​
  • +50% increase of All Attacks. (10 sec.)​
  • 80% chance to penetrate with SUPER ARMOR, BARRIER, SHIELD ALL DAMAGE IMMUNE, INVINCIBILE effect. (5 sec.)​
  • Lightning Damage 93% of Energy Attack​

Additional 32 Lightning Damage

(Thor spins Mjolnir then throws it, it bounces between enemies while Thor jumps up, at the peak of the jump Mjolnir returns to his hand and he lands causing a massive shockwave and lightning strike. Lighting then arcs in and out of the ground bouncing around dealing more lightning damage, similar to the red beams at the end of Doctor Strange’s T3 Skill. ​I-Frame for whole skill.)

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Tier 2 Passive – Protector of Asgard

Applies to: Self

  • 80% chance to penetrate with BARRIER, ALL DAMAGE IMMUNE effect.
  • Increases Lightning Damage by +70%

Skill 1 – Mjolnir Slam

Applies to: Enemies

  • Lightning Damage 128% of Energy Attack​

Additional 1120 Lightning Damage

Cooldown Time 6 Seconds

(Thor jumps then slams a single enemy with Mjolnir and then slams again calling more lightning creating a small AoE. I-Frame for whole skill)

Skill 2 – Thunder Throw

Applies to: Enemies​

  • Stun (1 sec.)​
  • Deals 30% shock damage every 1 sec (3 sec.)​
  • Lightning Damage 110% of Energy Attack​

Additional 1098 Lightning Damage

Cooldown Time 8 Seconds

(Thor spins Mjolnir causing lightning to strike around him, he then throws Mjolnir which quickly fly's around bouncing between enemies.)

Skill 3 – Call the Lightning

Applies to: Self

  • Guard against 9 hits. (10 sec.)​
  • Accumulated 7.5% of true damage dealt to enemy regardless of Defence and Dodge Rate.
  • The total accumulated true damage cannot pass 10000. (10 sec.)
  • +1.5 Increase of ALL ATKS each 1% Accumulated Damage proportional to max accumulated Damage. (10 sec.)
  • Summon an illusion with 100% of summoner's stats. (12 sec.)
  • Lightning Damage 61% of Energy Attack​

Additional 380 Lightning Damage

Cooldown Time 13 Seconds

(Thor slams Mjolnir in the ground calling in lightning to surround him. Huginn and Muninn are also summoned and function the same as on Odin's All Father uniform. While Thor has the accumulation buff Mjolnir will also be coated in lightning.​)

Skill 4 – Enraged Storm

Applies to: Enemies​

  • Stun. (2 sec.)
  • -10% decrease of All Defences. (Stacks up to -45%, ignores immunity)(7 sec.)
  • Bind. (2 sec.)
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Applies to: Self

  • Increases All Attacks and Defences by +40%, All Speed by 1%, and Critical Rate by 30%, removes incapacitation. (10 sec.)​
  • Lightning Damage 120% of Energy Attack​

Additional 1132 Lightning Damage

Cooldown Time 12 Seconds​

(Starts similar to his current 4 skill where he does the spin and slams Mjolnir in to ground, he turns and throws Mjolnir, does another shorter spin where he turns around and calls Mjolnir back slamming it in to the ground again. ​I-Frame during both spins.)​

Skill 5 – Force of the Thunder Herald

Applies to: Enemies

  • -5% decrease of Lightning Resistance (Stacks up to -80%, ignores immunity)(10 sec.)​

Applies to Self​

  • 15% recovery of MAX HP.​
  • 100% chance for immunity to All Damage. (5 sec)​
  • Lightning Damage 65% of Energy Attack​

Additional 345 Lightning Damage ​

Acquires the following effect for 10 sec.​

Activation rate: when attacking​

Applies to Enemies ​

  • Deals 15% Shock damage every 1 sec. (5 sec.)​

Move using the V-Pad while using skill.​

Cooldown Time 16 Seconds

(Thor floats up similar to his current 5 skill calling in loads of lightning.​ He then fly's up allowing the player to use the v-pad to choose where he then lands back down.​ I-FRAME for whole skill)

4* Passive – Thor Force

Applies to: Self

  • 80% chance to become immune to Lightning Damage

Activation Rate: When enemies are within 5m range

Applies to: Enemies​

  • Deals 15% Shock damage every 1 sec. (3 sec.)
  • Lightning Damage 88% of Energy Attack

Additional 564 Lightning Damage

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Cooldown Time 3 Seconds

Leadership – God of Thunder

Applies to: All Allies​

  • Increases Lightning Resist by 60%
  • Increases Lightning Damage by 30%


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