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Transcend Potential explained.

A lot of people have been asking about the new system called 'Transcend Potential' which is going to be added in the update v630. I'll break it to you all step by step.

What is Transcend Potential?

Transcend Potential is applicable only on the characters who have the ability to Awaken their Potential. This system allows you to increase the stats (phy atk, energy atk, hp) of your Awakened characters to that of the level of a T3 character. This will increase the performance of your awakened characters even more in all the game modes.

NOTE⚠️: In order to transcend characters you have to awaken them.

What are the rewards for Transcending Potential?

These rewards will only be available for a month after the update goes live. If you have a character awakened already, and their gears are 20, you should wait till the update drops and then upgrade their gears to 25. It will basically be free (500-600 gold). There will be no discount for leveling up your characters to level 70. So you can take your desired character to level 70. There will also be no discount in awakening characters so you can awaken them if you desire. For the characters which are awakened already and their gears are 25, you will receive a couple million gold, mythic Urus and black anti matter as a reward (you will receive these rewards for the awakened characters which already exist in the game. For example: Beta Ray Bill, Mystique, Doc Ock).

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After the update lands, the awakened characters which already exist in the game will have free 'Transcend Potential' ability. Meaning, you won't have to spend Mandalay Gem Fragments, Gold, Awakening Crystals for those characters to transcend them. This won't apply to Medusa. This discount will also only be available for a month.

Cost of Transcending a character:

200 Mandalay Gem Fragments, 500k Gold, 100 Awakening Crystals.

If you have any questions regarding the new system comment and I'll try to help.


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