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Trying to explain the new “game breaking” stats

Content of the article: "Trying to explain the new “game breaking” stats"

So in the next update the game will introduce 2 new stats, thing is that the in game translations/tutorials seem to be poorly done/explained so we will need to wait for the patch notes/developer note to fully explain them, according to the game guide this is what they do:

1)Additional pierce damage is an ability to deal additional damage that ignores DEF completely. Additional pierce damage applies based on the skill damage

From my understanding this is the stat that is pretty much breaking WBU at the moment, its seems that it lets you "bypass" the boss Valor/Resistance levels, meaning that if you have 2 players with 80% attack on cards but one of them has two blue cards with Pierce, the one with pierce is going to be doing massive damage compared to the one that has "normal cards".

2) concentration is a stat that affects the potential of skills. Some skills and effects of Custom Gear perform much better with higher concentration

I'm still not sure how does this one work but its seems to be related to the new forged custom gears that also boost your stats.

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The additional pierce damage seems to be working only on WBU and not on ABX cause otherwise I think people will be scoring like 20 million, cause someone that can clear thanos 99 in 3 minutes should be scoring like 20 million points if that makes any sense.

Now the catch about pierce and concentration is that these stats ARE ALSO RNG AND YOU CAN ONLY GET THEM BY USING MORE PREMIUM CARDS AS FODDER, so its not only about the extra % attack on cards but also about the new stats "pierce damage" and "concentration"

At the moment it doesn't seem to be possible to have a "normal card set" because this month we got less crystals than usual making swaping and trying card builds almost impossible (unequipping the new cards/ctps cost more too)

I need to do more testing but if someone could fill me up with extra info it would be great, thanks for reading.

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