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Universal Heroes ABX Performance

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I wanted to test Thor ABX performance, so I made a comparison between some of the top universal heroes in game. I dont have any crafted cards, and only 44% energy attack, but this was made to test each hero damage rather than to show off abx scores lol. Here are the details:

– Nick Fury (Lead) and Coulson (Support) for every hero, even for Black Bolt or BRB whom benefit more from their respective leaderships, but to show a fair side by side comparison every hero used the same lead and support.

– Coulson has Insight CTP at max roll.

– Every hero focused on roar cancelling, except odin, so that may mess up a bit their rotations.

– Only characters with CTP are Odin (Rage), Ghost Rider (Judgment) and Silver Surfer (Regen) , every other character has a 180 proc with either crit dmg (BB and Sentry) or lightning dmg (Thor and BRB).


BLACK BOLT: Surprisingly good performance, I have never used him for ABX before, as I already had Odin, but he did 4.2 million dmg with a proc. Really easy to play, 3c5c4 is the rotation to go, with 3c5c6 when t3 is charged. He doesnt get guard broken by the frost beast and can easily channel his 4 to do most damage. Even tho he performed really good, he scored the lowest.

THOR: Really interesting playstyle. The problem with Thor using a proc is the short duration of his skills, even his t3 takes 2 or 3 seconds to do all its damage, rendering the remaining seconds of the proc useless. Charging 4 for 3 seconds really makes a difference in overall damage, so it should be used correctly for best results. Proc on charged 4, 2 or 6, trying to use 3c5c4charged to proc, and then procing again on 6; otherwise proc on 3c5c2. Skills are too fast and playstyle is really tricky, a Rage or Judgment should benefit him a lot, I dare to say it would bump him to almost Odin dmg levels, as he would be able to spam 3,2,5 and 1 more frequently, while caring a bit less on timing. Score was 4.4 million, missing some procs due to the his special playstyle, but could of reach 200k more with a better run.

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SENTRY: The golden boy. A score of 4.6 million missing some procs say a lot about him. Damage is almost evenly spread out between his skills, so a Rage is the way to go with him. I went with 1c2c5c4 or 1c2c5, when t3 is charged 2c5c6 does the most damage. Gears at 20, at 25 he would probably score even more. Easy to play even with a proc, but giving him a Rage would make him godly without damaging his pvp performance.

BETA RAY BILL: Our first lightning god scored the highest of all obelisk chars; going with 4c5c3c6 when awakening skill is ready and 5c3c4 when not, kiting in between rotations to not mess with the proc. With his own leadership could have scored more than the 5.3 million he got, but would have been a bit unfair. Really proc friendly, the difference between a Rage/Judgment and his current obelisk wouldnt be too much, as most of his damage comes from his combos rather than evenly spread damage between his skills.

ODIN: Even though i had a really bad run, Odin easily capped, scoring 7.4 million (I usually score up to 8.4 million). With a Rage and max crit rate and dodge, Odin doesnt even need to roar cancel, as his 4th skill has 100%ignore dodge. Rotation should be 3c5c4dc2c1, with 6 in between, as 6 is also cancellable. Still my best char and the universal with the highest raw damage IMO.

GHOST RIDER: Just for reference, our hot headed boi scored 2.3 million until the first roar. If he could paralyze the beast, he would probably top at 7-7.2 million. Maxed crit damage and a CTP of Judgement. Rage would be overkill for him; not very proc friendly as his skill have really awkward cooldowns. As good as Odin, but more fragile. T3 charges ridiculously fast, so 6c5c3 is your killer combo. 5 is cancellable, 3 does the most damage, 4 is a little worse 3, and 2 and 1 should be used whenever the other skills are on cooldown or to charge t3 skill faster.

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SILVER SURFER: Another char used for reference. With a regen did 1.2 million before first roar, so he should cap at 3.5 – 3.7 million. Has paralyze on 3rd, but being a counterattack, triggering it can be tricky, so I didnt bother trying it out. Can be used with a proc, but almost all his skills deal similar damage, so a Rage would be the way to go if you want for ABX (There are better options tho)

Tl; dr:

-Odin obliterating everyone else shouldnt be a surprise, GR has the same or even better performance in Burn season (and with "only" a Judgment).

-BRB has pretty similar performance using either a lightning proc/ Energy/ Rage/Judgment; so there is not much improvement for him; still pretty f2p friendly and the second best universal hero in terms of raw damage.

-Black Bolt performs pretty good with a proc, a Rage would make him even easier to play (as sometimes the proc activates before 6 and messes with the damage) but his damage wouldnt spike as much as Odin using a Rage instead of a proc.

-Thor seems to have the most potential once equipped with a Rage or a Judgment. Can be hard to play, but timing is essential. 4th skill cooldown messes with your rotation but like GR 6 is one of your hardest hitting skills. Not impossible to play with a proc, but requires perfect timing to get optimal results ( On my very first run I scored 4.4 million with 30 seconds left, but couldnt cancel the roar, so i couldnt deal any more damage after that). Should be able to cap once given a CTP of Rage/Judgment.

-Sentry is amazing. With a Rage and 25+ gears he could easily cap, or score even more. Gears are really costly to get to 25, and with gears at 20 he is already meta in every gamemode.

-Silver Surfer is a worse sentry PvE wise. When i had him with destruction he scored up to 4 million, Rage is ideal but other characters benefit more. Not bad by any mean, still one of the best characters in game, but PvP is where he really shines.

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