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Upcoming Changes to the Weekly Sticky Thread Schedule

Hello, hope you all are staying safe.

Given the fact that this game has gone through significant changes in the last few months, we decided it would be a good time to revisit the weekly sticky schedule to make it easier to facilitate discussion on the subreddit. The threads will last from one daily reset to the next (so for example, the thread scheduled for Sunday will be stickied from 3PM UTC on Sunday to 3PM UTC on Monday), with the exception of the Weekly Recruitment Thread which spans two days.

We've also decided to retire the Weekly Roster Review thread due to lack of engagement and mild redundancy with the Basic Questions Thread, but thanks to everyone who contributed to those threads!

New Weekly Schedule

  1. Sunday – Weekly Reset Thread: Weekly Reset Thread will now coincide with the reset for Danger Room and Squad Battle instead of the ones for Timeline Battle, Alliance Battle and Shadowland. Discussion for all game modes with a weekly rotation or timer can be done here.

    • We'd like to thank /u/Rykor81 for diligently putting up the Danger Room threads each week!
  2. Monday – Character Discussion Thread #1: We have kinda slacked off on these for a while now, so apologies for that. The characters have all been out for a while now, so we hope to see better insights than those given in the first impressions thread.

  3. Tuesday and Wednesday – Weekly Recruitment Thread: The Weekly Recruitment Thread is now scheduled to sit closest to when Alliance Conquest ends, and to thus give alliances time to 'reserve' spots from applications to join them.

  4. Thursday – Character Discussion Thread #2: See above

  5. Friday – Character Rework Suggestion Thread: This is an expiremental thread we will be running in order to gauge community interest in having reworks for certain characters. The initial list will contain characters selected by the mods themselves, but we will also accept character suggestions for this thread via modmail.

  6. Saturday – Character Discussion Thread #3

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These changes will go live today at 3PM UTC (or next game reset). Note that these "bottom sticky" posts will now adhere to Daily Reset timing (same as Basic Question Thread and Basic Gloating and Venting Thread).

Character Discussion Thread Revamp

You probably saw that we posted the first Character Discussion Thread (Silver Surfer's) in a while earlier today. I wrote my script for auto-posting them from the ground up so it should be working perfectly and on-time, and I've made it easier to account for character requests as well.

We've also revamped the questions to hopefully encourage better discussion, opting for fewer questions that are broader in scope and should avoid redundancy between threads (e.g. we removed the "What ISO Set" question as the answer is always "Attack").

Instead of storing links in the wiki, we've taken advantage of a new-ish reddit feature called "Collections". I have created a collection called "Character Discussion Threads" to which every new Character Discussion Thread will be automatically added, which should make them easier to navigate. This feature hasn't fully rolled out to all mobile apps unfortunately, but as far as I'm aware is present in the desktop redesign and official iOS app.

Migrating from AutoModerator

While this likely doesn't affect most of you, we have decided to move from janky AutoModerator to using the /u/MFF-Mod account hooked up to a personal script for all these sticky posts (including Basic Question & Gloating and Venting Threads). If anyone has feeds that detect the AutoModerator account in any way, note that AutoModerator won't be making any more posts on this sub.

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As always any feedback, suggestion or constructive criticism regarding these changes is either welcome in this thread or via modmail.

Thank you.


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