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v640 Community Feedback

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Hello agents!

v640 has been out for a couple days. Hopefully you're enjoying the update! Now is your chance to give feedback.

We do submit a consensus based on these threads directly to Netmarble. That's no guarantee they will act on it, but it's a good chance of ensuring they at least see it.

We encourage that you use one of the formats below to voice your opinion:

Format #1

I don't like... This negatively impacts the  because... To improve this, I recommend... 

Format #2

I like... This positively impacts the  because... To improve the game, I also recommend... 

If you have multiple suggestions, you can copy the format multiple times into the one comment with a line divider in between (—), or simply submit a new comment for each one.

Rules for this event:

  • Please make realistic comments. Comments containing unreasonable suggestions/demands will be ignored for both the feedback we send to Netmarble as well as the prize draw.
  • You can still mention other game content that needs to be updated and could've been included in this update. Please leave a recommendation on how could the mentioned game mode be updated realistically.
  • Comments that break our rules will not be eligible for this event.
  • Comments that are related to a raid/boycott against the game will not be considered due to our rules.
  • Comments that are basic uniform or character suggestions will also not be considered.

Rewards: 300 crystal codes for up to 10 randomly selected high-quality comments.

  • These comments must be top-level comments (i.e. direct replies to this post).
  • Making more than 1 comment does not affect your chances of selection in any way.
  • If a comment is randomly selected that violates any of the rules described above, it will be disqualified and the prize rerolled to another comment.

The winners will be selected on September 23, 12:00 am PDT. Winners will be direct messaged with their codes and announced at the top of this post.

Reminder that you will need an Android device or emulator to claim these codes, as iOS does not have this functionality.

Disclaimer: This post is not a part of any Netmarble related program and Subreddit Moderators do not have any personal gains (like getting a certain amount of crystals to advertise the game) from this. Please be civil.


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