After running through Metro Exodus 5 times in the last week or so, I finally figure out the best overall equipment combination.

Metro is a very fun game, so much that I managed to run through the entire story a total of 5 times in the last week or so to figure out what the "Perfect" New Game Plus file would be and it's as followed:

Kalesh, Bastard, (Pneumatic) Helsing, Metal Detector, Reinforced Helmet, Brighter Flashlight, and Ammo pouches.

The Kalesh is the overall best weapon even though it's the default one. Not only does it fire very quickly, but it has one of the best DPS/Reload Time ratios of any weapon. Rifle ammo are frequent drops and the ammo is the 2nd cheapest in the game where it's 1 metal and 1 chemical per bullet. It comes with a massive 75 capacity magazine which reloads fairly quickly for it's size as well. The weakness of this gun is that it needs to be kept clean if you want long continuous fire, otherwise it can only handle bursts when very dirty, thus it's a good idea not to "walk around" with this weapon out.

The Bastard is the best secondary weapon which does the same damage as the Kalesh, uses Pistol Ammo, shoots a tiny bit faster than the Kalesh, and even has a larger magazine than the Kalesh. While it's equally as strong as the Kalesh, it has more drawbacks. Pistol Ammo are not plentiful drops in the game and are more expensive to craft (2 metal, 1 chemical per bullet). Also, you can only carry up to 120 Pistol Ammo when compared to the 180 Rifle Ammo. It also suffers from the same weakness of the Kalesh where this weapon overheats from continuous fire when very dirty and is best used in burst fire.

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Note that these 2 weapons should be alternated when both are very dirty so one can cool down while the other one fires. Also note that these weapons can reach their highest damage in Volga, which can easily carry them for the rest of the game.

One would think that the Railgun would be the best 3rd weapon, but unfortunately it loses terribly when compared to the Pneumatic version of the Helsing.

The Pneumatic version of the Helsing can basically run through it's entire ammo supply before you really need to "Pump" the weapon again. The Helsing can pretty much kill most enemies in 1 shot and can completely down an armored spider with a single shot (so as long as you don't miss your shots in the spider portions of the game you should have enough Explosive rounds to down every single mandatory spider kill). Also, just a few shots from this is enough to kill a Blind one, since every single shot will have a "Sneak Attack" damage amplifier when used against Blind ones. Also, as long as you don't miss your shots that often you can re-acquire your bolts used. The only downside of this weapon is that it's very expensive if you miss, as you have a very high chance of losing your bolt and each bolt costs quite a bit of resources, so it's not a good weapon to use in a firefight where there's a good chance you might miss a few shots.

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As far as equipment goes, there's no real substitute for the Metal Detector, especially on higher difficulties. Every time the metal detector beeps is basically ammo/medkit. And if you find yourself needing to shoot often, you'll definitely want as much ammo as possible.

The default NVG is already pretty good, the the Battery life is already pretty decent, so a brighter Flashlight is the only real "big improvement" for this slot. Same with the ammo back where you can never truly have "enough" bullets to carry around. Also, there's no point in any of the other masks other than to save a tiny bit of time or resources, so might as well get more armor instead.

So yeah, this is the "optimal" New Game Plus setup I can come up with. However, this is only if you want to run through the game efficiently, as there are indeed more "fun" routes to play the game.


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