Ayahuasca DMT in metro universe story.

Did you saw all metro games? Well i played metro 2033 and last light, but I saw full let's play from Czech famous streamer Agraelus, his ugly f***K words are funny to hear. When I played metro 2033 while I was just up 14 i enjoined it, there where lots of scary things, like howling librarians and nosalis with glowing eyes colorful like a setting sun, or fire flame, but nothing terrified me so much like one Ambient sound effect, singing machines, first at end of the bridge in short tunnel while you are chased by nosalises, then in Depot with Pavel and in subway train Car after Pavel blow itself and you crash in small resting tunnel and going through pipes full of calming Azathoth Dreamy plants that will light your way and are friendly, and in child level, almost entire map is covered by singing Hums from Unknown Interdimensional Extraterrestrial ritualistic Realm i think. This was like So called (AYAHUASCA IS CALLING YOU) this is how will call sounds, And in Exodus in Novosibirsk, first of, what Ayahuasca loves to do, you are in Azathoth Tunnel and depot full of cosmic worms that you sometimes experience in real life while you dream about cosmic weirdo like Lovecraft, the entire Depot is living organism and these space worms want to eat you. But then it will lead you into something worse, you start heal Singing UFO machines and see time lapse of station where people awaits the subway train, train stops at the stations and then ride to tunnels, just like in real subway. But then you met UFO beams of light torturing you while artyom is exposed to radiation. Extraterrestrials will give you entity reminding Anna then entity will dissappear and artyom is touching dead bodies. And Artyom experience many forms of alien UFO abduction, flying saucer beams are everywhere, in the walls, in the sky, in the ground, just tortures you like never before, slowly destroying your spirit, there are two endings, one is you will be saved from radiation and fully recover, second is, you will rude Aurora in Alternate Dimension, where radiation is so strong, it will appear as blue green cloud that mess with the Earth's atmosphere. There is no one around, even monsters are not present, it is empty place. You will be alone for forever, with so much suffering. The Metro Ayahuasca destroys your life and soul, making you suffer for forever. So what does it mean, it means hidden danger of DMT drugs, and how severe it is, do not ever try Ayahuasca or only you met is Extraterrestrials torturing you forever in mechanical world of suffering. If you saw Coraline movie, this is what happens to you, as three ghost children are modified, you in real life will be modified too. So even if you feel something and think that it is Ayahuasca mechanical world calling you, do not listen your toughts, fight it. It is worse than Christan hell, burning in lake if fire is not that scary like being abducted by non-existing UFO, because Suffering from Alien abduction is much more severe. So do not listen to people who lure people to drinking it, Because they are Avatars possesed by Aliens controlling them against their will. This drug is different from other drugs, it has its own dimension. So be aware.


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