Differences I noticed between the original and Redux of 2033

Content of the article: "Differences I noticed between the original and Redux of 2033"

First the obvious, characters and enemies have their last light versions as opposed to the original designs and character models, some looking especially unrefined in the first. Miller especially comes to mind.
Enemy patrol patterns and numbers are changed. Redux slimmed down the chances you'll be noticed to the point that every enemy will move to an area you can silently dispatch them, whereas the original did everything it could to make stealth almost impossible. There's a single patch of glass in redux, and just so Bourbon can point it out as he always does and they removed the drunk bandit he dispatches in the next room. There's some ranger stashes missing in Dead City, and it's all one level instead of two parts. The ghost building, and watchmen nest in Redux are new, as well as changing the encounter where you slam a door on the watchmen, instead of just being attacked by a sleeping one in the same doorway. Dry station lacks the doors separating the back area in the original, and the box maze is changed slightly to make the exit closer to the nearest entrance back into the main tunnel. There's no extra weapons at the smithy in Redux but you can get well over 300 extra MGR if you bring a hellbreath that was added to the first bandit roadblock, sell that, plus the extra one and auto shotgun in the original. Placement of MGR is changed slightly in Armory station and an area near the entrance is slightly shorter. There's less ways to sneak around at the beginning of outpost, lacking much of the area you could sneak above the first area.
If there's anything else you've noticed as differences please feel free to share them, I'm interested in what else has changed that I missed!

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