I finished every book and game, and I have some thoughts on it

Content of the article: "I finished every book and game, and I have some thoughts on it"

Spoilers, obviously. Firstly, let me just say that I think the books were amazing, and so were the game. However, several things bothered me. First is the quality and atmosphere of the books. The first one was phenomenal, and in my opinion 9/10 or 10/10. It was fantastic, I stayed up all night reading instead of fueling my Apex Legends addiction. At the end of the book, I was left with this feeling of regret that Artyom destroyed the Dark Ones. The second book I didn't like as much, but the idea of a traumatized Hunter disappearing into the metro never to be seen again is interesting. I did enjoy the second book with Sasha and the plague, and Homer writing his book trying to live up to the real Homer. The third book however… I thought it was 8/10, or even 7/10. I felt like it had none of the supernatural atmosphere of the last two books, it was just the politics of Nazis and Communists and the Russian conspiracy that the enemy is out there, so they need to jam communications. They mention this bunker that I didn't understand until I played Last Light. The bunker came up every so often and I was beyond confused. And Anna? I didn't know who tf she was until I played the games. Interesting that they were woven together, but a bit more explanation of why he had a wife after I remember him shooting sick people in a train and stuff would have been nice. Overall, I enjoyed the series but the end left me kinda disappointed. It was a fitting end, but after Metro Exodus' narrative, I am confused as to why he went back with Miller and the Order if Exodus is 2036/2037. At the end of that, I tried the games. I really didn't like 2033, I thought it was nice, but it just wasn't as fun as other single player games. It did have interesting mechanics like the lighter, rechargeable flashlight, filters, all the survival mechanics, but I felt lost all the time, and not the atmospheric kind, the I have to search a walkthrough kind. Last Light was better in some regards, but the character development was a little poorly done in my opinion. Anna went from "uhg, this Artyom guy…" to "touch me, Artyom" after she hadn't seen him for who knows how long. There were other things that I didn't like, such as the requirements for the good ending (I liked the game but I'm not playing it again) but overall I found it to be better than 2033, and more fun with some improvements. But in Exodus, I was blown away. Everything received an overhaul, the maps were so damn big, and the story had me bawling like a child when Miller died. I got the good ending with 3/3 crew through sheer luck, and I loved every second of it. I didn't think the open world would work well, but it really did. The atmosphere they were going for was perfect to me. In summary, I felt like the games rose in quality, especially Exodus, but I felt like the books declined rapidly after book 2. I really struggled through the first game/last book, but spent a lot of time with last game/first book. I know these are just my opinions, but I've also seen a lot of people not enjoy Metro 2035 so I know I'm not alone, and conversely lots of people enjoyed Exodus like I did. Again, just my opinion but I wanted to discuss this because I think the majority of the Metro franchise is beautiful and has a fantastic story.

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