I just finished Exodus

Content of the article: "I just finished Exodus"

Hello again, I just finished the game with the good ending I guess (Duke/Damir are with me and Alyoshka isn't hurt) and if that's the good ending it was quite easy to get (on normal).

  • Volga: I hated that map there are shrimps everywhere and you don't have the power to kill most of them. The cultist storyline was fun, I couldn't get into the mistery house (that needs power) and didn't fetch the child bear (?)
  • Yamantau: This map was quite cool for the setting and the engine showing it's muscle throwing at you a ton of enemies (specially towards the end). I found funny Miller saying "Artyom, quickly we need to save Anna!" while I was exploring every little cranny to gather resources.
  • Caspian Sea: The worst map of the game because how frecuent it crash or locked up, but besides that the mad max like society was interesting. At this point they give you really good weapons so the spiders were not an issue and overall was enjoyable.
  • Taiga: By far the best map until you're forced to fight shrimps but like with the spiders the explosive bolts 1 shot them so it wasn't that bad but my face was like the Twitch emote haHAA the entire time.
  • The Dead City: It's cool maybe because it's quite similar to Moscow, I hated the sewers section the worms were annoying.
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The gameplay is good, I do think that Artyom should have a voice in this particular game because in 2033 and LL I don't remember everyone talking to you all the time but here it's always awkard silence.

After enduring the shrimps, spiders, "barnacles?" the strongest monsters were a piece of cake I felt like DOOM guy constantly attacking the Bear/Monkeys. Oh and the Demons that I remember Khan (?) said were on top of the food chain were not an issue either.

I got 600+/600+ resources in Caspian Sea but it gets lost in Taiga 🙁

Now I have both DLC left 😛


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