My opinions on Exodus after escaping Volga

I have to say, I may not of gotten to the meat of this game yet, but I'm so far enjoying it the least out of the Metro games. I'm not saying this game is bad – I'm enjoying it quite a lot, in fact – All I'm saying is that it doesn't feel like Metro. I don't feel distraught when exploring the tunnels and a pack of Nosalis show up, now if anything shows up I'm not ready to fight I can just run. Something I always liked about Metro is, well, the Metro. I loved the cramped tunnels that make you feel claustrophobic, and that makes a nice contrast with the wide, open surface where you then feel overwhelmed. The Metro made Metro Metro, if you catch my drift, and now without the Metro? It doesn't feel like Metro. This game still relies on stealth like it's predecessors, and while it doesn't feel too different, the day and night mechanics complicate things and it lacks some major features that most good stealth games have – body dragging and a proper peeking system. In the Metro, the lack of body dragging could be excused by the fact that the corridors are cramped and if you can take out an enemy, chances are it's because another doesn't patrol that area. Here, open spaces make that certainty not guaranteed. Wall peeking is more a quality of life thing but I have been spotted by bandits several times because I have to walk out of cover instead of just looking around the corner. Also, unrelated to the last two points, it doesn't feel like there is as many opportunities to gain and lose Moral points. After getting Nadya's teddy back from the Demon nest, I was certain that sparing the baby Demon and giving Nadya her teddy would get me a moral point, but nope, none. I'm honestly not sure if that's a bug or not because I feel as if that really should of got me one.

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Overall, I'd say this is (so far) a good game but a bad Metro game. Why? There's no Metro. It's not the same experience, though immersion and world building have not suffered at all. Thanks for listening to my Ted talk.


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