People seem to think of Exodus as not-so-metro-ish as the first 2,but…

Content of the article: "People seem to think of Exodus as not-so-metro-ish as the first 2,but…"

I think its a great change of pace,as Exodus represents a journey to distant places,in search of a better home,and in that scenario,you are bound to have to put up with new challenges,for example,Artyom gets jumped by the humanimal (or whatever they were called),it gets a couple of hits on artyom,and even though as it may seem like its depicting them as strong when they are really just weak,it tries to show that we are going through very different rails than the ones we were used to,he encounters villains that for once make him take their point of view;the cultists are just people who at most,followed someone who seemed to have an understanding of how things worked in the new world order,the slaves in the caspian dont know that they could have it better,and the children of the forest dont know a better enemy than raiders and pillagers,hence their unforgiving nature,i'd say it was a learning experience for more than Artyom,a tendency that hasn't been absent a single minute in our time with him. In 2033,we start as an orphan,wishing to make a change and take action after a father figure of his dies (I mean Hunter),and finish the game forming part of a group of similar individuals who equally respect artyom for who he is. In 2034,or Last Light,we step once more into an unknown path,with Anna and the Dark One,he once again is faced against a superior force -role which was ocuppied by the strange factions of the metro and the dark ones in the previous game-;He for once has someone else questioning his goals and methods,instead of the praising and glorification of his kicking ass and taking names abilities we received up to this point in the game,which ultimately leads to him understanding that not everything should be solved with violence(like in the fight with Pavel,the dark one points out "there isn't anger in him though;just sadness"),something that ties up for Exodus perfectly. And finally,in 2035,or Exodus,we yet again go into the unknown,just to find a better place to call home,instead of the rat race they were used to in the metro;In this game,Artyom doesn't really develop,it feels more like a journey for the player to do alongside Artyom after going through the previous experiences. Going back to the first paragraph:In a world where nobody knows anything but violence,you have the chance to make a change,hence why the good endings are achieved when trying to go the extra mile to show some one else that,in the words of Khan,"You reap what you sow, Artyom. Force answers force, war breeds war, and death only brings more death. To break this vicious cycle one must do more than just act without any thought or doubt".

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Tl;Dr:Exodus is just fine as it is being different from the other two games.


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