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1 Attack aug/2 Element aug /1 Resenment/1 Elemental atk up skill

Stoneslinger, the wonderful skill that lets you deal dmg, soften monster parts and enrage them (which in turn offers rage dmg bonus and agitator activation), all in one. I was critical of it, but now I'm converted.

You see, the Iceborne meta of keeping monsters enraged 100% of the time leaves me wanting. There are 3 clutchclaw sceneros, and each of them all have sth missing.

Scenario 1: I can turn the head 3 times then wall bang, then soften while monster is down, enraging and softening at the same time. Lose out on 1 wall bang.

Scenario 2: I turn the head 3 times but no wall, so I reluctantly have to just soften. Monster enraged and not knocked down, lose out on 2 wall bangs.

Scenario 3: I can turn once or twice, do 1 wall bang, scramble to look for slinger ammo, do another wall bang, then soften. The strat I often use, but it's just so tire some, and sometimes there is just no slinger ammo lying on the ground. So, monster not enraged, lose 1 wall bang, and lose softening too since I just wasted my time running around looking for ammo.

Then, slinger capacity just fills that gap, doing everything I wanted to do.

Ok so the title is kinda clickbaity and the ramble is long, but I was thinking of whether dropping some skills or augments to fit in 1 Stonethrower jewel. Then I didn't know what to drop. Should I drop 1 skill or drop augment(s)?

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From my testing, regarding elemental builds, dropping 2 Ele augments seem to have less impact than dropping 1 elemental atk up deco, if just looking at my Kjarr CB. With 2 ele aug and lvl6 ele atk, it has 990 Ice. If I drop aug then I'm left with 920 Ice, else if I drop 1 frost deco then 920 Ice. So comes the conclusion that Ele augs are ass.

The atk aug is a clear win, since it offers 5 raw and no conditions, while raw-boosting skills often need conditions to trigger (Peak performance, Agitator, Resentment, etc) and atk boost only gives 3 raw/lvl. Tho it'd lose if you consider the affinity that comes with Agitator and atk boost, so only drop those skills if your affinity is over 100%.

This is only applicable to my playstyle ofc. Maybe you can hunt monsters like they do in speedruns, in which case you'd just triplock the monster while doing obscene amount of DPS, then Slinger capacity is maybe not that ideal. In my experience, a monster usually get enraged thrice per hunt, so that's 3k free dmg, 6 times the monsters are knocked down and 6 windows for dmg.


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