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2.0 Lance Diablos vs Narga vs Babel comparison

lofi's big fat sheet

I haven't done one of these before but here we go.

I've seen some conversation around which lance is the top lance for 2.0. It used to be Diablos, but Narga has resurfaced as an equal contender for number one due to 2.0's easy access to WEX and CB. I've also seen some suggest that Babel could be viable with its silkbind boost ramp up and Spiral Thrust's insane output relative to the rest of Lance's kit.

So I made a comparison sheet! The sheet features the three weapons with multiple builds. I've made a couple of pretty important assumptions in this comparison:

  • All builds assume you have a generic 3-2-0 talisman. I picked this as the baseline because it's a talisman that the majority of people have. Past this talisman we enter the realm of talismans that aren't farmable and aren't fair to assume as a baseline. Many of you will have a better talisman than this, but they will all be different, and as such, I cannot use just one as a fair baseline.
  • When calculating the amount of damage silkbind boost will contribute to the overall damage of a build, I assumed that on average, you'll perform one 3x high poke combo and one charged wide sweep for every Spiral Thrust you perform. Of course, this is simply an approximation, and should be treated as such. Depending on the player and the matchup, the ratio of silkbind damage to non-silkbind damage will vary pretty drastically.
  • The "realistic conditions" section of the sheet is a rough approximation. Like with the above assumption, these numbers will vary based on the player and the matchup. I just thought that considering the uptime of these modifiers would be better than pretending we have 100% uptime when we do not. Take these numbers with a grain of salt.
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It's important to note that the 3-2-0 talisman baseline is favorable to Diablos builds. Narga and Babel especially scale harder off of better talismans. With better talismans Diablos' power simply increases slower than Narga's and Babel's. These builds and numbers are not an objective rating but a comparison of how competitive the three weapons are. That being said, I've concluded that Diablos and Narga are competing for the top spot. I think Narga has a slight edge but it varies case-by-case and is very tight. Babel simply doesn't cut it for me. It has the highest potential damage of the three options, but its paired with sharpness issues and a very large portion of your damage must come from Spiral Thrust or it can't compete. I simply don't think its a practical contender right now and sits in 3rd for me.

TLDR; Diablos = Narga > Babel

EDIT: This is not meant to be a recommendation of what weapon you should use. All of this is done with a charm that 90% of you won't be using, so do your own darn math to figure out what's best for you.


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