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4U rage / the overarching problems people tend to ignore for some reason

So my innoncent soul put around 180 hours into base World, and since Icebourne wasn't on sale, and the roster looked appealing (and because I have a long standing emotional attachment to the 3DS), I bought 4 Ultimate about 3 weeks ago.

So, you hear people talk about the supposed faults of the older games, I have now been convinced 80% of them has never touched these games. They complain about: ew paintballs, ew tools can break, ew loading screens. But the thing is, NONE OF THESE MATTER IN THE GRAND SCHEME OF THINGS. YOU KNOW WHAT DOES?





The quest that made me truly realise the problem with this is the one that I consider to be the single worst quest in the entire series. You get put onto a ship and get the pleasure of facing the mascot: Gore Magala for the first time. But here's the kicker: the ship is barely bigger than the monster itself, and the player needs to do enough damage to overcome the signature status effect, the frenzy. Problem is, you will most likely be equipped with the shitty beginner armour and weaponry, meaning one attack can not only take away half you HP while the "arena" has no place to escape to because it the monster takes up all of it, while you are inflicted with a status effect that will INCREASE the damage of future attacks if you can't deal enough damage (which is nigh impossible to do when you are constantly getting hit and trying to recover with a ticking clock). This was the first quest I failed, twice in fact. But you wanna know the worst part? GETTING A STACK LF MEGA POTIONS TAKES ALMOST AN HOUR! Yep, you gotta initiate a harvest tour, go to the 3 or 4 different places on the map that give you honey, blue mushrooms and herbs (yep, you needed 3 different items for a crafting recipe that randomly fails), and hope to God that the 4 or 5 different items the randomised gathering spot gives you (after like 1 minute of digging animations at each) won't be fucking insect husks and random plants you will never use, rinse and repeat 2-3 times.

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And that's when I asked myself: how in the ever living fuck did this game series get the reputation of "expertly crafted"? People on Discord told me that it gets better after you get the proper farm (and sure enough it does), but what exactly was the thought process here? You always hear people laughing at RPG fans who say: "Trust me it gets really good after 40 hours", but somehow it's perfectly fine for a game to get good once you can ignore 40% of its systems?

But I've figured out the reason we still pour hundreds of hours of our time into these games: it's a blend of adrenaline addiction coupled with Stockholm syndrome. In this same game, you get the first battle against Kecha Wacha, Nerscylla and the first (proper) showdown with Gore Magala, and you never forget the high of going up against them, seeing how dangerous their hits are, learning to dodge it, and overcoming them. And the entire game rests upon the shoulders of this extended boss rush coupled with a great battle system that suits all kinds of playstyles.

What baffles me is that (from what I've collected after seeing a 3 hour documentary), prior to World, this huge game franchise has made BORDERLINE ZERO improvements to anything that wasn't the combat, for the first 13 YEARS of its existence. They kept adding in new weapons, underwater and aerial combat, custom movesets, amazing new monsters and so on, while the gathering, crafting, small monsters and so on, just stayed the way they were, and nobody seems to question it at HQ? Seriously? You couldn't pick a random guy and give him a copy and 10 bucks to tell you what could be improved abiut the game in general? How many people did these things go through for over a decade? The very fact that this sub not only exists but is this big is proof that they seriously need to expand their playtesting staff beyond the sound director's neighbour Dave.

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And some people on their "veteran high horse" still preach about the "casualisation" and "pandering to international players", even if they will confirm that they have no desire to ever even see 20% of the monsters on screen ever again because of the annoying mechanics, for example. To whoever on the dev team woke up one day and thought: "wait, what if we made our game but, like, cut out most of the bad stuff", thank you.

Back to 4U, I keep going, I want to at least see Dalamadur, but Gogmazios I am also curious about. Problem is, my left trigger stopped working, and I now have to use the touchpad for camera control (which only works because I use the bow and attack with R), and put my 3DS down a little to roughly after a really bad moment with Monoblos, causing it to not work unless the charger is attached. So I guess, thanks for ruining my first ever console that has been running perfectly for 7 years and on which I have discovered the gem that is Zelda, 4 Ultimate.

There isn't much of a point to this incoherent rambling of a Ted Talk, but I hope I found some people who understand.


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