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A collection of tips and notes I’ve made regarding new Dual Blades changes

Content of the article: "A collection of tips and notes I’ve made regarding new Dual Blades changes"

Hey guys, I'm not very organized but I'd like to share some things I've learned after a deep dive into the Dual Blades, which I played much of in 4th and 5th gen games. These might be commonly known, but in the few Dual Blades videos covering the changes, many of these things were not mentioned so I'm just going to dump everything I've learned that I think is noteworthy here, and hopefully it helps someone out! Let me know if you learned anything else about the weapon that I've missed!

This weapon is way more powerful than it seems on the surface.

(these aren't in any particular order, just what my brain can recall. What I think are significant changes I'll put in bold)

  • Demon mode stamina now regens when stunned by a roar, rather than draining at a lesser rate.
  • You can now chain X combos forever in Demon and Archdemon mode by using a new redirection move, activated by pointing the stick in a new direction mid-combo. This refreshes the entire combo, and can be done after the finisher.
  • The X silkbind attack does not break your combo, which is relevant for the next tip…
  • If you run out of stamina in Demon mode, you will not be forced out of Demon mode until your combo ends. This can be as long as you desire; allowing you full access to X, A, and Silkbind attacks chained together indefinitely until you wish to end the combo.
  • To make the previous point even more valuable, the weapon now has a new move activated by exiting Demon mode into Archdemon mode mid-combo, which performs a new relatively powerful downward slash that looks very similar to the finishing move of the Demon mode standard combo, but a little faster. This allows you to transition from Demon to Archdemon with class, speed, and added damage.
  • The Adept Dodge Silkbind attack can be redirected when the counter attack triggered, allowing you more precise and reliable activation of the counter while maximizing damage.
  • For those new to the game, or new to perfect guard/adept dodge mechanics, you can trigger these on roars, providing very reliable opportunities for further damage and badassery.
  • The Demon mode X aerial can be comboed into the A aerial, activating the spine-ride we all love.
  • You can Wirebug Jump -> Demon Mode -> A attack to quickly perform the spine-ride attack to build up heavy mounting damage when desired. From level ground, you can't do this with an air dash because it locks you out of attacking for too long.
  • A common misconception I've heard with the X Silkbind Attack. Once you stick the kunai in, attacking the monster anywhere will trigger damage on the kunai, you don't have to hit the monster where you stabbed it. Damage builds up and detonates based on how many total hits you got anywhere on the monster, not in that particular spot. For example, you can stab the monster in the tail right before it stands up from a topple, and then build up damage by safely attacking the body/feet, and it will deal massive damage to the tail.

I hope these tips are helpful to folks out there. It's not quite enough to warrant a video or anything, but there is a lot of missed opportunity to talk about this in the really popular Dual Blades videos out right now. I genuinely think Dual Blades have become way too powerful in MHRise, and much of this may change, but the flexibility and power we have access to is astronomical.

Thanks for reading, and if you have any info you found valuable regarding the weapon, please let me know! Thanks.


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