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A Complete Idiot’s Guide To Petalaces and Permabuffers!

Call it the OCD or whatever, but I feel a little bit crazy running around grabbing the buff birds at the start of every online hunt while the rest of the group makes a b-line to the target monster. So I got it in my head to put together this little crash course to hopefully get a few of you to come chasing birds with me!

Part 1 – Flower Bracelets 101

But Kurao! Why should I care about those dumb flower bracelets? Wouldn't it save more time off the hunt to just rush to the monster and start smacking it?

I hear your concerns but let me lay out my case. Taking just a couple minutes before you run to the fight to collect buff birds can give you some fairly sizeable advantages. Here's some numbers on the two petalaces that I consider the best. (I'm only at 4 star hub quests, if there's a third rank of petalaces you get in late high rank then that only solidifies my point.)

With a maxed out Hunting Petalace II you get 50 extra health and stamina which is the same amount you get for remembering to eat your dango before going out to a hunt, not to mention the 10 points of attack and 20 points of defense. If you max out your attack with Demon Petalace II equiped you get 15 extra points of attack which is nearly as much as putting 4 points into the attack boost skill.

Hopefully I've intrigued at least a few of you by now so here's a couple quickies to round this segment off.

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The number of birds you need to collect to reach the maximum are almost always the same, 10 for health and stamina or 5 for attack and defense. (The exceptions to this are the defense stat on every petalace but the Demon Petalace, and the HP stat on the Demon Petalace) Keep this in mind if you want to make better routes than the ones I've included towards the bottom of this post.

Additionally, you can see how many stat bonuses you've gotten in the start menu.

The red circle is how much of a stat you have, the bar to the left of the circle is the maximum value.

Part 2 – A Handful of Tips

Before I give you some sample bird collection routes here's a couple tips to help you max out your stats on the fly.

Always take the high road. The largest concentrations of buff birds are almost always in places you need to wirebug up to.

Channel your inner Link whenever you can! Those bushes you find scattered around will give you 1-3 random buff birds if you cut down every patch and will sometimes come with a complimentary hunting helper!

If you ever see a buff bird hanging off a ledge but you don't want to go down to that level then sprint off the ledge and then press A to hang off of your wirebug, if the buff bird wasn't too far down it should fly right up to you, at which point you can press B and the direction the ledge is to get back on track.

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Part 3 – Starting Routes

All of these are fairly quick runs and should get you at least halfway full of bird juice and leave you in a somewhat central area to get you started on a good hunt. I'm not even going to pretend any of these are exactly optimal though.

Also please excuse the horrible paint drawings I don't really have a better piece of image editing software.

I hope this was helpful to at least someone out there. Good hunting everyone!


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