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A comprehensive build Guide for those struggling with Alatreon

Content of the article: "A comprehensive build Guide for those struggling with Alatreon"


In this guide I will try to give an idea what to consider when putting together a build to fight alatreon. I will not tell you to bring weapon x or armor piece y. Instead I will go over do´s and dont´s, general concepts and skills to consider to help you build your own sets. I will make suggestions to what I think is most viable and why that is. Everything in this guide is my personal opinion and I am happy about constructive criticim and corrections.

Disclaimer: I will mostly talk from a LS user perspective. I dont play the other weapons that much but the general ideas and concepts will be applicable to other weapons too. But you will have to do some thinking on your own part to assess whether something from this guide makes sense for your weapon of choice. Also I dont care what weapon you play. Eventually every weapon will be viable I think.

  • ELEMENT? OK, but how much?

At this point you probably know that elemental damage is a must to fight alatreon. The question remains how much elemental damage is enough damage? The answer to this question is fairly simple:


There is simply not too much elemental damage to bring. Again this is not aimed at people that want to speedrun alatreon, but for those who are still on the special assignment. Just bring as much elemental damage as possible. In fact from now on, any damage that is not elemental is considered ZERO dmg. RAW/STATUS DAMAGE = NO DAMAGE should be your mindset from now on. The reason for this is quite simple. No matter how low your raw damage is you will probably kill him eventually. Any rarity 11 or 12 weapon should do enough dmg to kill him within the time limit.

What will kill you is his supernova. And this is only preventable with enough elemental damage. Therefore, we consider elemental damage to be the only damage you will do because its the only one that matters.

  • ELEMENT? OK, but which one?

Long story short:


Technically Ice and Fire element can be the strongest (but also completely usless) but without getting into the mechanics too much the reason why you want to pick dragon is, because it is the most reliable. Getting the value out of the other elements is directly tied to your ability to break his horns reliably. Playing online with randoms will probably not be the place to pull that off. Dragon is the most reliable because he is guaranteed to be in his dragon form at least a couple of time every fight. Also it is simply never completely useless. So, if in doubt: pick dragon element. I am not actually entire sure about the effectiveness of water and thunder but from what ive seen they are not as good as dragon (or at most just as good). Fire and Ice do have the potential to be the most effective elements, but it requires coordinations and skill. Both things you will not find in random lobbies. (I am kidding about the skill part. Most people I have played with seem fairly competent to me, so stop hating on randumbs. Its not like youve never carted or failed a quest)

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  • ELEMENT? OK, but on which weapon?

Now as we have learned so earlier: There is not too much elemental damage. So the general idea is to bring a weapon with a lot of elemental base damage. Everything else is really as alway. Purple sharpness is good, slots are nice and if you can have some affinity on there, so be it. This is really all there is to it. But there are some obvious choices. (Ranged weapon users want to be careful with these tips since I am not familiar with whats good on those)

  1. Safi´jiva weapons: The nice thing about safi weapons is that you can slap that "elemental up" upgrade on there to get a reaaally nice elemental base damage. My suggestions for most melee weapons would probably be 3/4 times elemental up and 2/1 times sharpness. But again, I cant give you a definitve answer so you need figure that out for yourself. What I can say though is this: Drop your "attack up" upgrades. Its raw damage and , therefore, no damage. So forget about this one.
  2. Kjaár weapons: Also a very obvious choice due to the build in critical element skill. Do not forget that Kjaár weapons can have "custom upgrades" to further increase elemental damage or affinity if you need it. (Dont you dare to increase raw damage)
  3. If you dont have any if these weapons, a solid choice should be the stygian zinogre weapon tree. It has respectable dragon damage, purple sharpness and a level 2 slot. So overall not too bad. Vaal Hazak weapons might be good too since it has high dragon element, but I have not tested that at all.

  • ELEMENT? OK, but on which armor?

Ok, so we have our weapon of choice, so all we have to do now is but on that 3 piece teo and 2 piece r brachy set and we are good to go right? No. Alatreon doesnt care about most of the (melee) meta builds rn. The armor you want to bring needs to complement your elemental damage. Most current meta sets are aimed towards raw damage, therefore, we can simply forget about them. There are again some obvious choices:

  1. Safi´jiva armor: Probably the best choice currently. Not only does it increase elemental damage by up to 150 points and increase your affinity by 40%, but also will the bleed effect most likely be completely negated with a simple health augment on your weapons. Also the armor comes with some skills that are an absolute must for the fight and some really usefull ones. You cannot really go wrong with this.
  2. Namielle gamma: Namielles set bonus increases your elemental damage too, therefore, it is a solid choice. Its not as strong as safi, and doesnt come with an additional 40 % affinity but if safi is not an option this is definetly worth it. However, I highly suggest going with the gamma variant since the alpha and beta kinda suck. Also gamma gives you really nice skills like evade extender/window aswell as stamina boosting skills. (good for db for example)
  3. Silver Rathalos: True crit element is very strong but the set itself is mediocre. I would probably not use it over the other two options. (pick a Kjaár weapon instead)
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Also a general note: have at least 1000 defense. Alatreon hits like a truck. Dont make it harder for yourself.

  • ELEMENTAL? OK, but from which skills?

The biggest mistake I see, is people still focusing agitator, attack boost, resentment etc. All of these skills boost RAW damage, which means they are secondary. Generally speaking you want skills that complement elemental damage and help you survive. No more max deeps builds, instead comfy builds for everybody (to an extend). There are a couple of MUST skills that you have to bring. If you dont, then you are trolling. (Again I dont care about your speedrun or solo "I cart 3 times but got felyne insurance" strats, this is for people playing with randoms online)


  1. Elemental Damage Boost LV 6: Do I need to explain this? I dont think so. But let me tell you, there is no way around this one. Because remember: There is simply not too much elemental damage.
  2. Blight Resistance LV3 (or Dragon resistance 20): I cannot stress how important this is. The biggest reason to bring this is dragon blight. It will negate all your elemental damage, therefore, making you deal ZERO DAMAGE effectively. Even if you the damage number says you dealt 1000 damage while afflicted by dragonblight, your effective dmg was 0 because it was not elemental damage. So bring blight res lv3 or AT LEAST 20 dragon resistance (But seriously just go blight res lv3).
  3. Health Boost: You should bring this skill generally, but it is even more important for alatreon. During his super nova it buys you more time to heal and crucial to survive it reliably. Also, even with 1000+ armor he can easily one shot you without health boost.


  1. Evade extender/window: these two skills are a personal favourite. They help a lot with the alatreon fight. His attacks have a wide range, but the hitboxes are fair. This helps you to dodge them way more efficiently.
  2. Crit increasing skills: WEX, Critical Eye, Critical Boost, you name it. These skills are still incredibly good and can seriously increase your damage output especially with the (true) critical element skill. (note that crit boost does not increase elemental crit damage, but if youre going for crits anyway, then definetly bring it do increase overall damage)
  3. Fortify: Chances are you will cart. Make life easier for you for the low price of a level 1 gem slot.
  4. Flinch free: when you know Alatreon down, people will start beating the head in like lunatics. Stop complaining and get one level of flinch free.
  5. Elemental resistances: I would not bring these unless you really struggle with a certain attack. Blight res lv3 should be enough otherwise.
  6. Wide-range: Alatreon has some mean combo potential. I would have definetly carted numerous times more if it wasnt for the amazing people that clutch heal me when im stunned or knocked down. But do keep in mind that damage is king when fighting alatreon. Playing a pure support build is not necessarily a good idea. prioritze elemental damage over support skills.
  7. Stun resist lv3: Again, alatreon has crazy combo potential and not fearing to be stunned definetly helps avoiding this. But blight res should already protect you from thunderblight, so dont prioritize this if you dont need to.
  8. Agitator. Mostly for the crit chance. The raw dmg increase is nice, despite what I have been saying earlier. Obviously you need some raw damage to bring him down quickly (thus reducing the chances of carting) so agitator is still the best choice. This is NOT an excuse to prioritize raw damage over elemental. Only bring this if you got the space or definelty need the crit chance.
  9. Speed eating: not really necessary if you weaken him enough, but it can help. not a priority.
  10. Coalescence: If you do not bring blight res lv3 (definetly bring dragon res 20 still) then this skill can greatly increase your damage potential, however you need to be able to manage the blights. So use at own risk.
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So. To summarize: Ask yourself if you really have enough elemental damage and then put some more on it. Forget about the current meta and all those red skills. This season we are dealing with a whole rainbow of different damage types and skills, so embrace it. And lastly: just beat it till its dead. works 10/10 times. eventually. promised.



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