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A couple of questions from a noob to the GunLance Masters!

Hey there friends!

I am new to MH, Rise being my absolute 1st entry on the series…tried GU demo and couldn’t get into it, also played World at friends house and didn’t catch me right away! Nevertheless I decided to give this one a chance because I love grindy games and I am so glad I did…clocking around 70 hours so far and being a new dad and still working full time, it’s a clear a sign that pretty much all my leisure time is going to MH:Rise!

I switched Gunlance after doing the 1st village quests with Bow and never looked back…Im still very green but I feel that I mastered some basics of it! I can comfortably (kinda anyway) do 5* Hub quests and I struggle a bit on 6* but with patience and a lot of potions I can still get the job done.

So for the questions:

  1. The noobiest question of them all…how do you back hop such a long distance? I know that evade extender exists thats not what I am talking specifically…but I have seen some people play Glance and they do the lateral dodges/hops like I also do but sometimes when doing evading back, they do this huge leap backwards like twice as far as the normal one…what am I missing here?

  2. Should I always prioritize do all the content in group if I have the chance/time?
    I ask because the quests feels so much easier…the monster dies away more faster, he also has 4 people to focus on so you are not always 100% his target which gives you a lot more windows to do damage, I could be wrong but I think there is also an increase % reward for group play?
    So unless I anticipate that I need to go afk or happen to be playing on the go with no wifi, shouldn’t always aim for multiplayer hunts?

  3. Is the Gunlance considered an easy, mid or hard weapon? I ask because eventho I can get the job done, I still struggle at 6*, I can only imagine 7* and after that when they introduce those HR and the true endgame.
    I feel that the weapon is very punishing if you don’t time everything right…sometimes I feel that I spend like 1 minute of more only dodging or running with almost no openings! Granted that I am total noob to MH, but I am not a noob in gaming in general and in games you have to block, dodge, etc…so it got me wonder!
    Am I playing a non friendly newbie weapon? Or am I really bad and its actually the other way around?
    I don’t plan on switching, I am just trying to get an idea on the game and its mechanics.

  4. I saw a video about melding pot charms (I think that’s the name of the piece it gets you) and decorations…one thing both have in common for me, in my game some of the stats both pieces of gear could have are not there…like magazine extender for example! Do they show up eventually naturally? Like I get the materials to craft them and the “Recipe” unlocks? Or is there a way to fish for them?

  5. I want to craft Basarios pants S! But I miss 2x Tails…after some runs, I concluded that either the % was low and the rnGods were being mean to me…or I was doing something wrong…which was the later.
    This item has an higher % when you carve the severed tail (allegedly it has even more drop chance on Low Rank than in higher, can anyone confirm?), no chance when carving the body, a very tiny chance when you complete the quest which he was the main target and a low chance when you capture him.
    So my strategy should be something like, go to a low rank Basarios quest, sever his tail and then capture it. Is this it?
    Also, how the hell do you sever his tail with a Glance?! I tried and tried and he is dead before the damn thing comes off…the melee doesn’t even harm the tail…just the shells, which I don’t even know if they have “cutting capabilities”.

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Thanks a lot guys!


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