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A few interesting LBG builds post 2.0

Hey everyone!

As I eagerly await new updates from the big gunners out there to update their patch 2.0 sets to compile into a new document, I've been playing around with a few niche sets myself which are finally (realistically) achievable with 2.0 decorations – gunners got a lot of flexibility this update with shot type up decorations, rapid fire up decorations, spare shot decorations, and all the other damage oriented decorations craftable.

The builds below are most definitely not meta nor game-changing – they will lose to better existing options. However, they're new and fun to play around with. The builds are not math-validated; if someone wants to do that feel free to and share your results 🙂

There are definitely going to be ways to optimize the builds below with better charms or prioritizing other skills from math input. I build these based on my own limited collection of charms.

Build 1: Jyuratodus Rapid Fire Spread 2

With the addition of Salvo Jewels for Rapid Fire Up, there's some reason to try out rapid fire Spread 2. Jyuratodus's LBG (Comet Bolt) can offer this playstyle. Each individual shot itself will do more damage from a standard Spread 3 setup with Magnamalo LBG, but the Jyura LBG clip size of 3 spread 2 vs. 5 Spread 3 on Magnamalo's (plus the quicker firing from Magnamalo's gun) will favor Mag in the long run. Nevertheless, this was a fun build to mess around with:

  • Comet Bolt – Attack Boost III ramp-up (note: this ramp up is inherited from previous LBG upgrade, the gun itself does not offer Attack Boost ramp up)
  • Skull Visage S – 1x Spread Jewel, 1x Attack Jewel
  • Vaik Mail S – 1x Spread Jewel, 1x Attack Jewel, 1x Absorber Jewel
  • Jyuratodus Vambraces – 1x Salvo Jewel, 1x Attack Jewel, 1x Absorber Jewel
  • Rakna Coil – 2x Tenderizer Jewel (can swap for Attack Jewel if you are not wanting to build affinity)
  • Arzuros Greaves S – 1x Salvo Jewel, 1x Attack Jewel, 1x Quickload Jewel
  • Charm: using 2x Reload Speed with one L slot (level 3) – 1x Salvo Jewel
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This build gives: AB 4, Spread Up 3, Rapid Fire Up 3, Reload SPeed 3, WEX 2, Recoil Down 2, Fortify

Build 2: Rakna Rapid Fire Piercing Fire

Araknabolt is an awesome looking LBG, with decent raw (with Attack Boost IV, can go up to 198), has great M-S-S (2-1-1) slots, native low recoil on fire ammos. The decent raw paired with new easier access to rapid fire up gave me the idea to try out this build. It's fun to use, but damage wise will lose to Rathalos LBG (especially with the new final upgrade to Rathalos LBG, its ability to have Element Exploit, and optimizations with using Teostra Blessing on those builds to boost fire attack.) Build is as follows (sadly cannot fit Crit Boost in Q.Q ):

  • Araknabolt – Attack Boost IV ramp Up, 1x Thrift Jewel
  • Vaik Helm S – 1x Tenderizer Jewel, 1x Blaze Jewel
  • Vaik Mail S – 1x Salvo Jewel, 1x Tenderizer Jewel, 1x Blaze Jewel
  • Rathalos Brace S – 1x Thrift Jewel
  • Anjanath Coil S – 1x Thrift Jewel, 2x Blaze Jewel
  • Arzuros Greaves S – 1x Salvo Jewel, 1x Tenderizer Jewel, 1x Blaze Jewel
  • Charm: using 2x Reload Speed with one L slot (level 3) – 1x Salvo Jewel

This build gives: Fire Attack 5, AB 4, WEX 3, Spare Shot 3, Rapid Fire Up 3, Ammo Up 2, Reload Speed 2

Note: For elemental builds, Elemental Attack 5, Spare shot 3 is mandatory to make the most out of the limited ammo you carry. I use Ammo Up 2 for elemental ammo on a lot of personal builds as it adds +1 to all elemental ammo clip sizes to minimize reload time and maximize pew-pew time. Vaik Helm S is extremely efficient for this with its innate Ammo Up 2 and M-S (2-1) slots.

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Build 3: Rampage V LBG built for Piercing Thunder:

Options to fire Piercing Thunder after patch 2.0 remain crappy. Khezu LBG has generous clips of Thunder Ammo and Piercing Thunder ammo with the right characteristics for firing it, but is hampered by pathetically low 160 raw. Capcom also did us dirty by making Bazelgeuse LBG shoot Piercing Thunder on single-fire auto-reload (why????!!!) even though the gun has 210 raw with workable -10% affinity and Brutal Strike.

When I was exploring the Rampage LBG tree, with patch 2.0 we can now make Level V of the LBG. This gave the gun a workable 180 base raw with neutral affinity. With the appropriate rampage skills to create a thunder LBG, I think I've made a passable Piercing Thunder LBG that can at least be serviceable. Sadly, I am hampered by my charm to not be able to get the LBG to fastest reload (only fast.) Build is as follows (mainly follows a modified elemental LBG template outlined by Phemeto in one of his earlier videos):

  • Rampage L. Bowgun V – Rampage slots: Attack Boost III, Steadiness Surge, Thunder Effect II (other 2 slots I built on Pierce Effect II and Rapid Fire Piercing to at least get some backup RF Pierce 2 damage.)
  • Vaik Helm S – 1x Attack Jewel, 1x Bolt Jewel
  • Nargacuga Mail S – 2x Bolt Jewel
  • Barroth Vambraces S – 2x Bolt Jewel
  • Anjanath Coil S – 1x Thirft Jewel, 2x Quickload Jewel
  • Ingot Greaves S – 1x Quickload Jewel
  • Charm: using 2x Spare Shot with one S slot (level 1) – 1x Abosrber Jewel

This build gives: Ab 7, Thunder Attack 5, Crit Eye 4, Spare Shot 3, Reload Speed 3, Ammo Up 2, Recoil Down 1, Evade Window 1, Affinity Sliding

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Other stuff I've been playing around with:

  • Kushala's LBG (Icesteel Wasp 1) and subsequent upgrades will probably be the choice for Ice ammo LBG due to good freeze and piercing freeze ammo characteristics. Unfortunately has no element exploit 🙁
  • Teostra Blessing is being used to push Rathalos Fire LBG damage even higher; the chest and arms are semi-efficient to use in builds but will require a good charm to work perfectly. Kushala Blessing can similarly be applied for ice ammo, but the pieces are inefficient and maybe difficult to fit.
  • Rapid fire ice and thunder builds from earlier (Goss LBG, Rajang LBG) can finally be pushed to higher levels with ability to slow rapid fire up 3. They can remain usable options (I don't really like them due to their horrible deviation requiring steadiness 2 to use.)

Look forward to doing the next basic LBG sets compilation! Cheers


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