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A look at the Rapid Fire Piercing Elemental LBGs

tl;dr : Ice and Thunder Rapid Fire elemental pierce are pretty much the best in slot LBGs for elemental pierce. Water and Fire rpf pierce are workable and has advantages, but loses to their elemental exploit competition in terms of DPS

So with the advent of 2.0 and the much easier to get Rapid Fire Up skills, we can now make pretty much any Rapid Fire LBG 20% more powerful with much ease. And some LBG's got a much needed upgrade.

So what about Rapid Fire piercing ammo?

As you may know, we have Rpf ele pierce capable LBGs, but all of them has the same archetype:

– Clip 2

– Cannot Walk and Shoot

– Cannot Walk and Reload

So it looks… not desireable. But it can work. And, if your willing to go back to how old school LBG used to play, this may prove very powerful.

Now thankfully we have rpf ele pierce LBGs for all the elements besides dragon, which is still only nichely useful sadly.

Onto the bowguns themselves:


u/genfunk already made a great analysis on Rakna's LBG for fire and pretty much came to the same conclusion I did:

– Its not going to outdps Rathalos' LBG due to Elemental Exploit and double the clip size

I do want to add, however, that there is ammo efficiency when going with Rakna's LBG for fire. And that may prove useful due to how we can only carry 120 rounds. (And rapid fire effectively makes it 1.5x the rounds) And the damage difference isn't that big with Rath's, especially since we can effectively use Critical Element with Rakna's. (Which isn't that big of a meme with LBG)

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Overall, however, its not going to top Raths. But is useable and has the advantage of ammo efficiency.


Also in a similar position. Nilf Mist (Mizu's LBG) is still a good comfy option for regular Pierce 3 ammo which I did a write up on.

So how does it compare to Almudron's LBG?

It has 2 less raw (186 with the ramp up skill vs 188 on Almudrons, both with Long Barrel)
And Almudron's has Elemental Exploit.
Unlike Rakna's, Mizu's LBG doesn't have enough affinity to justify using Crit Ele. Not to mention, Almudron's is extremely comfy with both walk and reload and walk and shoot.

So, unfortunately, its not there. But can work.



Now we get into elements where we don't have an option for Elemental Exploit.

Barioth's LBG got its final form upgrade that makes it:

170 raw
25% affinity.

The ramp up skill, "Attack Boost IV" gives it +10 raw. Making it 180 raw.
Making this weapon really good.

The competition? Yeah…

Goss Harag's LBG cannot fire ice pierce.
But Kushala's LBG, Icesteel Wasp 1 can. And its in an unfortunate position:

While it has slightly higher raw and it does have Kushala's soul, being repeat offender, it still only has 2 per clip and it doesn't have anything that can scale it as well as Rapid Fire up.
However, Kushala's LBG isn't finished yet as denoted by the "1" in the title. So maybe this will serve as great competition in the near future.

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For the time being, it can serve as a comfy alternative as it walk and reload and walk and shoot ice pierce. So thats still an option.


Zinogre's LBG isn't just the best at Rpf Normal 2's and Rpf Slicing, but also does Rpf Thunder pierce.

190 raw
10% affinity

Not bad at all.

Whats the competition? Well…

Narwa's LBG aslo does rpf Thunder pierce. But it only has 170 raw. So no dice. (Its worth noting, however that this isn't the guns final form. unlike Zinogres'. So we may get a much needed upgrade afterwards)

And Khezu's LBG is not even close. Neither is Rampage.

So yeah.

Overall, its a clear winner for thunder and maybe ice, and has workable options for water and fire.


Every rpf ele pierce build is going to look like this:

Skull Head (Slot in Rpf Up and Spare Shot)
Vaik Chest S (Slot in Rpf Up and Spare Shot)
Rathalos Braces S (Slot In Attack Up)
Anja's Coil (Slot In Attack Up)
Arzuros Greaves S (Slot in Rapid Fire Up and Spare shot)

And slot in the elemental jewels inside the lvl 1 slots. (This only has 4 lvl 1 slots so just having a lvl 1 slot talisman can get you to full ele attack up)

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So when should you use Elemental Pierce?

This is a question thats been on my mind and its pretty much separate from this post, but there are monsters that elemental pierce can slay fast:

– Diablos (Ice and Water)
– Magnamalo (Water)
– Mizu (Electric)
– Almudron (Fire)
– Chameleos (Fire)

Haven't tested electric against Kushala, but I hope its not a bad match up.
But, as you can guess, you're not taking it to every monster. Even Teostra is not a good match up for elemental pierce.


We got some more good options now for Elemental Pierce LBG, especially with Rapid Fire up being easily obtainable now.


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