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Adding the Arena Mastery Feather Was a Mistake

Whoever decided to add the arena mastery feather for playing each arena with every weapon; what the fuck were you thinking? Because I've been forced to play all this crap, it's exposed me to all of the flaws in this game that I might have otherwise been able to ignore. Usually if you're in a normal hunt solo you at least have your dog or cat with you to distract somewhat, but you dont get that in arena.

This really highlights what people are saying about monsters being on crack. There is literally no cooldown time for their attacks. This is most notable with Rajang, Barioth, and Bazelgeuse. They just spam their most powerful attacks over and over with no cooldown time at all. I've seen Rajang do his fucking giant mega slam 5 FUCKING TIMES IN A ROW. How the fuck am I supposed to hit the monster when they are just constantly spamming hitboxes the size of the entire continental united states?

Like try lance or gun lance and try to do anything but poke. You cant even take 1 step before you're getting attacked. Of course you can dodge blahs blahs blahs but seriously, pick a shielded weapon in arena, sit there in you shield, and watch the magical horseshit happen. They can even combo into unblockable attacks WHILE YOU ARE STILL IN SHIELD STUN FROM THE HIT HALF A SECOND AGO.

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Why do they give you such godawful sets with all the slow weapons, with the most terrible switch skills, against the fastest monsters. It may not be impossible, but I've unironically have more fun playing fucking Space Ace on keyboard and mouse than I have playing lance or charge blade in solo arena.

It honestly makes me want to put down the game and not play it anymore. And since they're throwing out so many attacks, you can really see where the hitbox guy fucked it up. Why does Barioth giant jump hit me two feet to the side of him? Why does Rajang's lightning slam hit me behind him where there are no visual effects. Did nobody ever playtest this game mode? Worst gaming experience I ever had. It's like the devs (and many of the playerbase) confuse tedium for challenge. Just because it's fucking annoying and takes forever doesnt make it hard. It makes it fucking annoying and boring. Tedium is tedious, not challenging


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