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After 2 years, I am not ready for end of MHW’s updates.

Content of the article: "After 2 years, I am not ready for end of MHW’s updates."

As a game that able to hook me for 1400ish hours (even longer than any game series I ever played in total), I am not ready to (I think I will) say goodbye to this game.

The great multiplayer teamworks that are even better than my real life, although not always. The fun that I have been through with randoms, including the jokes doing that I did (like put mega barrel bombs the explode it to them, did hadouken and shoryuken gestures too, then they avenged me back).

The chills that I got when fighting monsters. I never forget how I was chilled when fighting AT Lunastra for first time, in the end my friends helped me and we won on first try.

Then after that, was Extremoth and Ancient Leshen, then AT Nergigante shown up (his theme song though).

Iceborne came in, Velkhana, Brachy, Savajho, Ruiner Nergigante, and the rasengan monster.

Then Rajang, Furious Rajang, and the boxer (aka Raging Brachy) came in and they are really nightmares even until now lol

Then Safi, no matter how many times I went through with same randoms in an online session, it was very fun although we failed. We kept trying and in the end we won.

AT Namielle, I just want to forget his existence lol

Momma Taroth, sorry to finally kill you ☹ and I able to solo you now lol

Alatreon, ugh unexpected health draining monster. He is more fun than Safi I would say.

Fatalis, okkkk this is the only monster that teaches me to do surrounding weapons to kill him. He is the most fun boss I ever fought in PS4 I can say. He also made my hand palm sweating when we have reached after dragonator.

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Now I heard that AT Velkhana has been released. I cannot wait to fight him!

I spent around $200 in total for this game (because I purchased Iceborne Master edition) and never regret any single cents I spent on it.

TLDR: I am proud to be 1400ish 2200ish hours MHW hunter to beat those monsters given by MHW/I, it feels really proud when you keep trying, fail, try, fail, try, and finally success and thanks for the great teamworks in app game and this sub.

Edit: I just checked, not 1400ish but 2200ish hours lol


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