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After 400 hours in monster hunter world, i’ve bought MHGU to try it out and i have to say..

Content of the article: "After 400 hours in monster hunter world, i’ve bought MHGU to try it out and i have to say.."

This is damn fun, it feels familiar but in a lot of ways is more comfy and satisfying than World. I like the simplicity of the Hunter vs Monster concept, without all of the added elements in MHW like environmental damage/traps and multiple floors. I got in to MHW purely for the basic 1v1 (which is why i loved the arena hunts) and MHGU is exactly what i want.

Everything is fast. The loading times are fast, the menus and UI options are fast and responsive. I can jump in to hunts, be done in 5-10 minutes (for now, since i'm only at low rank) and then come back to it whenever i want.

Something else i didn't expect to love is the Palicos. I like how many customisable options they have, and you can have two! It feels odd that it was limited to 1 in World, and a lot of the stats were removed from viewing and added in to items instead. I like that my Palicos have traits, bias and abilities to choose from and i'm not just slapping an item on it them.

The skill system, YES. It's satisfying when you finally get a set of armor that hits the 10/15/20 points you need for your preferred skill. I'm only a few hours in and when i finally worked my armor set in to attack (s) and critical eye +1, i thought "Why isn't this system in world?" The negative traits actually make me consider how to build my set and i felt like a god damn genius when i managed to -9 a skill down from -11 and avoid the negative trait, while maintaining my other skills.

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Fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing all it has to offer before Rise comes out. I'm hoping Rise follows more in the footsteps of the past generations, without only QoL changes from world.

Final note, the hub is perfect, i like the contrast between the reasonably drab hunting areas and then you get this wave of comforting green when you return to the hub. After a few long quests i feel like i can breathe and relax, whereas in MHW everything is chaotic with NPC animations, things happening, noises etc.


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