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Alatreon Charge Blade WR has finally been broken. Heroics CB 4:48 by Boosted and the key to skip the Escaton Judgement with CB

Content of the article: "Alatreon Charge Blade WR has finally been broken. Heroics CB 4:48 by Boosted and the key to skip the Escaton Judgement with CB"

Long post, read if you want a speedrun analysis, if not just enjoy the WR run.

More than a month ago, Yinyin posted his final Alatreon speedrun, 4:56 with a resentment Ice CB build. There are various reasons why this run is so fast and hard to beat. But the main ones are:

  1. Getting an elemental topple during the air: This is really hard to replicate and basically the holy grail on Alatreon runs. Getting this as soon as he is in the air means you dont have to deal with the massive dps decrease of dealing with an airborne Alatreon.
  2. The biggest reason, having Alatreon against the wall. It might seem like a normal run at first, but during the whole Fire phase of Alatreon, he is pushed against the wall, making him fall directly in front of you after the topple, cutting the time you have to spend getting close to him and allowing for even higher dps. This is not replicable at all, Alatreon ai is too spastic to let you corner him into a wall, this really is a 1 in 100 chance and yinyin took it.

These are the two main reasons why his run is so hard to beat. Until today…

Enter Heroics CB. Now don't get confused, Heroic elemental CB is meh. Unlike impact Savage axe, Elemental Savage axe scales a huge portion of its damage from the elemental value of your CB. In short, using Heroics elemental Savage axe means you will lose a lot of elemental attack since you cant use Dragonvein awakening, to put in into perspective, Heroics CB deals about the same damage on his forelegs as a normal resentment build. The only reason Heroics pep CB is good against Alatreon is because of his HUGE 85 severe weakzone on the head.

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Damage alone isn't high enough to beat Yinyins run, his run is THAT good. Something else was needed in order to beat it, to beat his run skipping the Escaton Judgement was required.

Skipping the Escaton Judgement is not easy. Few weapons can do it, and while it might seem like its just about dealing enough dps to kill him before the EJ, its a little bit more complicated than that. 3 days ago, Boosted got this run:

4 minutes and 56 seconds, essentially tying the WR with a cart, all thanks to the Escaton skip. Sadly that cart took away both Heroics and around 20 seconds to the fight. But it was proof that Escaton could be skipped with CB and it can yield a WR on a perfect run. Whats the secret to being able to skip the Escaton? Late Dragon mode transition. While weapons like GS and HBG have enough dps to skip the Escaton with brute force, CB does not posses this level of dps. So in order to skip the Escaton, we have to alter his mechanics a little bit.

Let me elaborate. Escaton judgement is tied mostly to Dragon phase transition, as soon as he enters dragon mode a timer of around 3-3:30 minutes until he does the nova. If your dps is high enough this timer is reduced by 1 minute. So you essentially have 2-2:30 minutes to kill him once he enters dragon mode. Boosted tried using Raw CB, since the dps is theoretically higher than Ice CB. But loosing the elemental topples is too much of a dps loss. CB does not posses enough dps to normally skip EJ. So what do we do? We delay the dragon mode transition.

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Alatreon changes to Dragon phase at around 28.5k health left and nothing can interrupt this phase transition, so our goal is to CC him in order to lower his health as much as possible BEFORE he transitions to dragon mode. This is done thanks to the impact mantle. Using impact mantle right after the first clagger this will net us a KO as soon as the second topple finishes, right before the dragon phase transition. This let us do a lot way more damage on him since he is still in fire mode, the end result is a dragon phase transition not with 28.5k health left, but with an impressive 22k health left. 6.5k extra damage done during the fire phase thanks to impact mantle, meaning that on dragon mode it will be 6.5k less damage we have to deal him, and since the KO is done during his fire mode, Kjarr Ice elemental damage is even higher compared to what we would have dealt with a KO on dragon mode.

This is the Key to skipping Escaton Judgement with CB. Dealing more dps on fire mode than it would normally be allowed, so that his dragon phase has considerably less health to deal with. Thanks to altering his dragon phase transition health, Boosted has broken the WR.

I hope you guys enjoy his run, it was a cruel grind but it paid off, the run is still not perfect, an aerial elemental topple can improve it even more, but the grind for that would be insane. Long post was necessary to explain all the work and planning that was put into this run.

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