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Alatreon Divinity and its interaction with elemental caps

GaijinHunter has released two videos to help people understand the nature of elemental caps and not wasting any elemental damage before it goes to waste. Simply put, the higher the weapon’s base elemental damage, the higher it’s cap will be as its cap is (base value) x 1.6 = cap. Weapons with base values about 240 or less are simply (base value) + 150 = cap. As GH goes on to elaborate, this matters if you insert critical element or true critical element as the cap will prevent you from doing more damage if the value after the the critical skill surpasses it, or else you’ll be losing out on possible damage.

Safi’jiiva’s Dragonvein and True Dragonvein change the multiplicative value from 1.6 to about 2.3 and 2.55 respectively. The skills are a great way to pump out even more elemental damage.

My question and topic to posit though is a confirmation of the interaction between Alatreon Divinity and the elemental cap. Why? It’s common opinion that the armor skill is underwhelming, right? But right now the only confirmed way to increase your elemental cap is the Safi’jiiva Dragonvein. True Element Acceleration adds flat element and doesn’t increase the cap. While the elemental/status augments stand to reason to increase the cap, you’re still forging a permanent buff that adds to the base value anyways so what does it matter if it does increase the cap, you are in fact adding more element anyways.

So here’s just my anecdotal observations, so to see if Alatreon Divinity does offer a slight increase in value judgement by increasing the cap, and was wondering if anyone can help prove or disprove my finding.

I have a Kjarr Hammer Spark, base thunder damage 600. Mathematically the cap should be 960 and this is true because after Thunder ATK 6 and Element Acceleration, my elemental damage display turned red at 960, an indicator that it hit the hard cap.

Now after equipping armor that includes Alatreon Element Conversion and Divinity (+20% elemental resist) AND eating for Elemental Resist L, Kjarr Hammer Spark’s base thunder damage was at 700 now. I have a set that includes Elemental Acceleration and Thunder ATK 6 for silly fun and after Elemental Acceleration, elemental damage is at 1000, breaking the previous cap of 960. Since it broke 960, I can only assume the new cap is working off the 700 thunder damage, which means the cap should be 700 x 1.6 = 1,120.

Which means if we take the zero off for simplicity and say, multiply it by 1.5x, the multiplier for hammer off critical element, the bonus elemental damage at this point is 168, which means this Kjarr Hammer Spark will top out at 1,120 and lose about 48 thunder damage that it could’ve inflicted but didn’t.

This post isn’t about making Alatreon’s armor worth it, I’m just trying to discover whether or not the math checks out or not that the cap has indeed increased due to Alatreon Elemental Conversion or if I’d forgotten something along the way that allowed these numbers to play out the way they did.

I’m sorry if the math or the post isn’t very scientific or organized. This was just the result of very quick and dirty observations off of what the game displays for me (which is all in bloat, I’m aware) and what information I do know from math that has already been done very concisely (GaijinHunter’s Alatreon videos).

TL;DR I believe Alatreon’s 2-piece set bonus increases your elemental damage cap proportionally but I have no scientific confirmation that it does.


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