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Alatreon help with hornbreak

Content of the article: "Alatreon help with hornbreak"

I can't for the life of me break the damn horns consistently. The DPS check is easy, I'm using the Kulve Ice CB. The hornbreak however…. god. None of my attacks reach the horn in its regular state and the only attacks where I've somewhat managed to get hits on the head was the lightning attacks, but if I manage to break the horns the first time, that doesn't work bc Alatreon just does another attack while the lightning attack is going on.

I tried wallbanging multiple times but I just can pull it off consistently. I put on the temporal mantle after he switches to dragon active to burst him into the tiny ass wall thats in the arena, just so he can do a thunder attack and pop my entire temporal mantle before I can even attempt to align him with it??? I feel like rocksteady would be even less of a success, because temporal mantle supposdely blocks damage.

Crashing him into the ground proved as easy as it is useless. It doesn't even seem to do damage to the horns and drops me off soooo far away from the head that by the time I get up, run there Alatreon is already standing.

A good thing is, that if I manage to hit the dps check, my phials will mostly already be ready and I can helplessly try and flail my axe around. I stopped doing Savage Axe Slash at that point for more damage because by the time I complete that attack alatreon carts me twice before I notice.

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I read that I should tenderize the head which has the same general problem as the wallbang is that I can't find a damn opening for it and I cant even do that while he attacks bc I get dropped of bc…. yes. I tried tenderizing at the very beginning but before my character could reach the head Alatreon would just go for a walk and 3/4th of my health is gone.

Also please just say something more concrete and graspable then "git gud", "learn the patterns", "look for openings" and my personal favourite "just use the clutch claw"

I'm MR 88ish, using Kulve Ice CB and Teostra/Yian Garuga build. (I needed one wing and claw for ful safi but it went off rotation 🙁 )

EDIT: Some (rough and appoximate statistics) on how my Alatreon fights go

  • ~85% – Quit at Escaton bc I didn't break horns and don't have a fire weapon
  • ~10% – Die three times after first Escaton and hornbreak
  • ~3% – Quit at 2nd Escaton because I didn't break the second horn
  • ~1% – Die three times before first Escaton
  • ~1% – Break both horns and survive both Escatons but die (up to 3) times afterwards (in the span of 4 minutes)


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