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Alatreon is the most cancer fight I have ever fought

I truly feel like the devs of this game take personal offence at the idea of players actually defeating their monsters and having fun. They take it as a personal insult on their ability as developers, or something. Because there is NO WAY you can design a monster this CANCER and UNFUN to fight without it being deliberate.

So usually I reserve rage-posting, until after I've beaten a monster. And I've beaten AT Velkhana in brachydium gear not knowing he actually was released after Fatalis, and that took me over 70 tries and even on the 69th try of that whole fiasco I wasn't as frustrated and demoralized as I was during my 5th try of Alatreon.

Ok, so let me get started on everything that's wrong and retarded about Alatreon

So you're supposed to DPS check him with elemental damage otherwise you just don't get to win, right? That's the premise right?

So why does he constantly fucking run after every attack? Like, he runs WAY too fast I literally had him run past me once and I was legit hit from behind with another run before I even had the change to press L1 to focus on him again.

Why is every attack of his a long-lasting AOE type attack that constantly forces you to concede your turn?

Worse then that, what do you even decides he just wants to fly? Just twiddle your thumbs like a fucking idiot and watch him basically masturbate his dragon penis and shoot off the ejaculate in your face knowing there's literally fucking nothing you can do about it?

Clutch claw him while he's in the air? Don't insult my intelligence. Players don't even get to turn around on a dime in this fucking game but Alatreon gets to constantly spin around WHILE IN THE AIR like he's on a fucking swivel how are you even meant to aim and clutch claw him? And then if you DO clutch claw him he's basically programmed to "If player clutch claw = do charge attack" like it's a fucking joke. And again, half the time I can't FUCKING SEE HIM because he's ABOVE YOU and also FUCKING HUGE so basically you have to wrestle the camera in nauseating ways every 2 seconds just to be able to see him

And that's just the AERIAL clutch claw component, clutch him on the ground and try and wall-slam him and you just realize Alatreon just straight up cheats and refuse to be wall slammed, he will literally just run at the wall and never actually get slammed. It basically comes down to RNG.

Oh yeah, and if you temporal mantle and clutch on his head he will break ALL of the mantle in one shot, because devs just decided you don't get to use this mechanic of the game in this fight. Nothing lore related or related to the physiology on the monster. They just don't want you to temporal. lol. Not artificial at all by the way.

And the cancer cherry on top is that he is SO BIG. like WAY too big for the way that his moves work. How am I supposed to fight him when he's so fucking big that for me to hit him with my charge blade I have to get so close to him can't even see his entire frame? That would be fine if I didn't have to worry about bullshit AOE attacks on top of that.

So to recap, he's fucking huge, so wrangling with the camera is a core aspect of gameplay just to be able to literally see what he's doing. On top of that, all his attacks are AOE, so good luck seeing those when his giant fucking body that takes 90% of the screen. On top of that, he's constantly running around and hyper active. On top of that he can just say fuck it and start flying for 90 seconds while you watch. On top of that this fight is a DPS check but you can't DPS because he's either fucking flying or running around.

Like why. Just why.


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