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Am I the only one who thinks monster attack speed should be scaled?

Reposted onto this sub in the likely event this falls onto deaf or downright idiotic ears in the main sub. I feel like people here are ironically more communicative than in the main sub where people will either be dicks, be offended or ignore your post and pretend that they read it.

Update: Suspicions of main sub were confirmed.


Ever since fighting Master Rank’s Safi Jiiva and Kulve Tarroth by myself, I have been wishing this for quite a while. While both fights are doable solo, they are not fun and are frustrating and unrewarding battles, Kulve Tarroth especially with the ability to use her roll attack as many times as she wants as long as either you or a cat is either in front of her or to her side and because there is no way to boost RNG in your favor, grinding can be frustrating. Safi is still extremely unfun to solo with the enraged mechanic that is supposed to provide an opening for other players, something your cat obviously is incapable of doing, meanwhile having an incredible attack speed that allows him to effectively deny slow melee weapons a chance to deal damage at all unless he uses a bigger attack.

Though even before Iceborne, I never understood why people wanted the game to be harder and harder and saying monsters where too slow despite, as a solo player, the speed seeming perfectly fine pre Iceborne. That’s until I realized that most people who ask this do play in big groups, where losing dps from monster repositioning, bringing the right status to use and having breaks to heal is not that big of an issue when you have 3 other people helping you do all this.

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So a solution that I feel can help make future monster hunter titles more fun for solo players and multiplayers alike along with ensuring fair difficulty increase for both playerbases is to scale the attack speed of monsters. Now obviously solos have the benefit of 3 carts to themselves so attack speed doesn’t HAVE to be lowered too much, even lowering it to 90% of the standard is doing plenty, though personally something like 70% for one person, 80% for 2 and 90% for 3 is a lot better.

And it isn’t something that is impossible to do, in fact attack speed does appear to be an existing modifier at least in MHW where Nergigante has a secret mechanic where every time he roars he becomes quicker, especially in the final area where he can reach his max speed quickly after divebombing the 2 walls after the wake up roar. So clearly it isn’t something that would require an entire 2 years of development to implement like some people claim it will if 1 one-off story monster has this mechanic.

The benefit is also that the community can better agree with eachother on how much the difficulty should increase. People are still extremely divisive about Fatalis and AT Velk with most solo players being unhappy with them and most multiplayers loving them. If the attack speed is scaled so solo players have a chance to breathe and multiplayers can keep being pressured, I feel then people can be a lot more unanimous in terms of wanting endgame challenges and people can better see whether something needs to be harder or not.

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