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An Interesting Rage/Story Post For The RNG of Rise’s Talisman System For a Friend…

So a friend of mine who owns Rise had me give it another whirl (yes I already tried the demo & no I didn't get the game cause I didn't care for the demo & the overall gameplay, I'll follow the story but I'll wait for MH6, plus I need money for other things besides a Switch…moving on), I had an ok time, liked the Switch Axe build he had going for me to try (SA is my main) and I found it enjoyable somewhat (still hate the wirebug system) but then he told me MHW Charms weren't a thing anymore & RNG based Talisman's were back…that made me chuckle…and sweat.

So after a few hours of him showing how everything works again & playing quite a few quests with his character he goes out to the store for a bit and I'm left to my own devices, so I decided to take on Narwa a few times (just bashed her with the seige equipment mostly) with his great luck 3 build…or whatever it was, came back and melded her bits, went on a few almudron hunts (I have to say I FUCKING ABSOLUTELY LOVE his design, this beautiful lobster paintbrush tail cat dragon mud boi!) and came back to see the melded Talisman's I made up…

This is where the rage comes in not from me but from my friend who actually kinda lost his shit after I showed him my first time melding results.

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So he walks in and see's I'm opening up the Talisman's and stops then says "if you get anything good I'm kicking your ass" I laughed but he was serious, I didn't really care so I opened them up…

What followed was hilarious & in my mind proof the Desire Sensor is real.

So I got I think it was 60 Talisman's but a few of them were apparently quite good…like real good from how his feakout explained it.

Out of 60 4 of them stood on top especially since SA is one of his mains:

  1. Crit Eye + Partbreaker (2 Lv2 slots)
  2. WEX + Rapid Morph (1 Lv3 slot)
  3. Crit Boost + Partbreaker (1 Lv3 slot)
  4. Crit Eye + Rapid Morph (1 Lv3 slot 2 Lv1 slots)

So he proceeded to beat the shit out of the back of couch while screaming "HOW IN THE ACTUAL FLYING FUCK DID YOU GET THOSE?! HOW?! ON YOUR FIRST FUCKING ATTEMPT! YOU KNOW WHAT?! FUCK CAPCOM! FUCK GOG! AND FUCK YOU DUDE! FUCK YOU!" That whole event had me nearly pissing myself with laughter.

He calmed down after about a minute but dear me was he pissed so he explained to me that he had been farming Narwa for literal DAYS to get a good roll on his Talisman's and only managed to get one good one after about…30+ hours over the span of a few days a Atk Boost one with 1 Lv3 slot + 1 Lv1 slot…Since then no luck from RNG or mercy from the Desire Sensor.

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We shut the game off after this, switched over to Mario Cart and some classic Kirby after that.

This incident has convinced me that the Desire Sensor is a real living breathing incoporeal thing that control's our luck in these types of situations wether we like it or not…so I guess in this case me not really caring for Rise and/or not giving a shit what I got threw the Sensor off hard causing this event to occur.

To add he called me today a few hours before I made this post to halfheartedly tell me that whatever RNG lucky charm I had/have didn't stick and he's got nothing but shit rolls again & to go sit on Gog's Dragonator…Ouch lol.

This rage/story post was made by me for my friend since he has no reddit account to express his frustrations (he hates social media).

So maybe the key in Rise to getting the Talisman you want is to truly not give a shit what you get, which in turn will throw the Desire Sensor way off causing RNG to more frequently bless you? Seems legit XD

Thanks Capcom for your crazy RNG shenanigan's once again.


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