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Greetings fellow Hunters! We hope you all have been enjoying the beauty that is Rise so far! Get out there, get those caps and mats!

If you are just looking for another hunter or a few hunters to get a specific task done, or even possibly trying to find a host for a specific quest (i.e. USJ quests) you can dismiss this thread and have fun posting on the sub as usual.

Now for the meat and potatoes to make a full meal combination of what this thread can and should be used for.

Reasons you SHOULD be posting here. . .
– You are a squad leader looking for new members
– You are looking to start a group

Reasons you SHOULD NOT be posting here. . .
– You're a currently lone hunter trying to find people on PSN/XLB/Steam/Switch
– You're looking to join a squad. Unless a comment asks for you to post your GT/PSID/Steam User
– Posting Session IDs for immediate help with quests/events

The idea of this thread is to cleanse the sub of recruitment posts that flood the main page and make it simpler for other hunters to find/start groups without having to scroll page after page when new posts push old posts down.

The megathread will be refreshed the 1st of each month just to keep itself from getting too cluttered or too outdated.

1. Try to make your recruitment look neat, not just a thrown together run-on post. People love aesthetics!
2. Do not post your recruitment post in reply to other people's posts on the sub.
3. Do not try to circumvent the Megathread by posting outside of it. We will give 1 warning.
4. Please refrain from fluffing the votes OR Begging your community to help fluff them.
5. Edit whatever links need to be edited, call it a day. Don't just entirely repost your group's listing.
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On RULE 4, Lately we're seeing a lot of groups fluffing their own posts and downvoting others (yet again). It shows that you're more interested in quantity over quality. Posts may be removed upon suspicion of foul-play. If everybody wanted to play in giant servers we wouldn't have the Megathread and would just point you all in the direction of the Gathering Hall Discord or our own Discord.


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Post: "APRIL 2021 – RECRUITMENT MEGATHREAD FOR CONNECTS/STEAM GROUPS/DISCORDS/SQUADS" specifically for the game Monster Hunter World. Other useful information about this game:

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