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Are iceborne fights meant to take this long?

Content of the article: "Are iceborne fights meant to take this long?"

I've recently started iceborne and so far I have to say, I haven't really enjoyed it. This is my first monster hunter game and I found the base game a good level of challenge and overall really fun ( though I found my fun peaked at nergigante, I didn't find the fights beyond there that fun other than deviljho).

At the start of the base game fights took ages (30 min to beat jryru) but as I got better and upgraded my gear, times decreased and I was really loving it. I'm not great at the game, but the only monsters in base that I didn't beat on the first attempt solo were Nerigante and Lunestra (both took 2 attempts) so I'm not awful. None of the elder dragons took more than 25 mins on base game except the one that created a whirlwind which was just a pain.

Now that I'm in iceborne I've just reached barioth, but I feel like I'm doing something wrong as each fight is taking 20+ min. I've not actually died to anything yet, its just a bit tedious fighting a pukei pukei for 20 min as its a minor monster to me. I wouldn't mind if it was diablos or something, that fight took me 25 min in base but I loved it as I felt like I was in danger of dying at any moment. Now the fights just feel like big damage sponges where I'm clawing, whacking for a while, dodging and then repeat for 25 mins.

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Does this improve as gear increases, or does monster hp continue to rise to match my increased damage as I upgrade my sword? I'm currently using the nurgle blade which isn't ideal, but I don't see another 100 dmg making much difference when the monsters have this much health.

Basically, do the fights become fun again? By this I mean, a 15-25 min fight where I will be at risk of dying, or will i be spending 35 mins killing a non elder dragon?


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