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Beating World + Iceborne before Rise comes out! Beat Low Rank, my thoughts so far…

So, I used to freaking HATE World, because it was far too different from the old games, along with getting rid of the Monster Hunter Artstyle and a lot of what made Monster Hunter great (focus on skill, weighty combat, tribal aesthetic, a sense of humor, etc.) Fast-forward to about a few months ago, I kept seeing snippets of Iceborne's stuff and was like "…shit, that looks really fun…" and since I wanted to experience all of the new content before Rise comes out, I decided to make myself replay World with a more open, critical eye.

So far, I'm freaking loving it. It's VERY different from the rest of the series, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Capcom has been making almost the same game for years, and since it was getting stale even in Japan, the series was in dire need of a change of form. And Rise is changing the formula even more. It's going to be a bright time for the series, where every new game changes the formula like crazy.

A few notes about my experience in Low Rank.

-I didn't use the Defender gear, but I was tempted to use it at some points. I wanted to upgrade it as little as possible though, so it'd still be fair.

-I didn't use any gameplay-changing mods. The only ones I used were Light Pillar and the Classic Sound Effects mod, which gives the game way more charm and is actually making me want to play it more.

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-The look and feel of the environments is freaking incredible. Capcom tried to dedicate a huge chunk of dev time to making the environments believable and real. Monsters actually do shit in described in their ecology, there's more than 2 monsters on a map, the maps are much bigger and with more variety between areas, and so on. Making the entire map one single area is one of my favorite changes; I never minded the loading screens, and I loved the matte-paintings they used for skyboxes, but there's something magical about fighting a Paolumu in Coral Highlands, seeing it fly away, and thinking "Duuuuude, I can chase it all the way there!"

-The QoL is freaking nuts. There's so much stuff to make everything more convenient and let you just get to hunting the monsters, and it's great. Some QoL changs are so good that it makes me wonder why they weren't there much earlier.

-The look of all the maps are great, but Ancient Forest and Coral Highlands are a bitch to navigate, along with not having really good music. But hey, mods let you change tracks to whatever you want, so I'm considering replacing some of the themes with my favorite Gen 2 and Frontier songs.

-Combat is way more fluid, but that's kind of a double-edged sword. While oldschool MH is about weighty, chonky combat and making use of tiny openings, World is more about immediately reacting to a move. Being able to roll backwards is so useful that I can't believe it wasn't there earlier. Since you can drink while running, they made the potions fill your health gradually. Honestly, it kinda gets on my nerves sometimes, especially since monsters are far less predictable than they used to be. They can roar for no reason just to piss you off, making you waste your potion, but you also have far more control over where you move. Since you can move and drink at the same time, and your movement is far more fluid, monsters are almost unpredictable and status effects last longer to compensate. Everyone says this game is easy as hell, but honestly, I died way more in this game than in any other MH game I've played in recent years.

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-The environmental traps are a godsend. Because of the aforementioned changes to item use making the combat a lot harder in return, the developers give you little environmental traps and items to make things easier for you. Normally, this would make the game too easy, but since fights are much more dynamic, finding a Vigorwasp or Flashfly makes me go "UUUUUH YES OH MY GOD THANK YOU", especially since Vigorwasps are an instant heal.

-The new moves are fun as fuck. I could make an entire post about how much I love all of them, but I'll just say now that the new moves are easily my favorite part of World. If they changed nothing but this, I honestly would like the game just as much.

That's all of my thoughts for now, but I'm gonna make another post as soon as I beat all of the High-Rank stuff, then the G-Rank stuff after that, so look forward to those posts soon. I'm enjoying the shit out of this, and this formula has HUGE potential.


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